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Assignment 3: Group Assignment
40% Group Task
Submission information available through Subject Outline
General Instructions
The Group Project is worth 40% of your mark in this subject.
It is due in Week 13. It will consist of a 4000 word report and a 10 minute presentation in either week 10, 11 or 12.
You will be working in groups of 3 or 4 which will be decided in class this week. Topics for Project
The topics below are acceptable for the major (group of 4) projects. This list is not extensive, so if you have an idea, please let me know what it is so I can approve it.
1. X-Men Super humans could be reality in 30 years. Gene technology could help humans gain mutant powers as seen in the X-Men movies. This could lead to genetic inequality. It could also lead to solving physical difficulties caused by genetics.
2. National DNA Database. Police want this register to be compulsory from birth. This would assist in missing person cases etc. Civil libertarians say this is a gross invasion of privacy.
3. Privacy. Managers are exploring applicants and employee social media pages to select new employees and monitor current staff. Posts that made when applicants were teens are being used against them years later.
4. Apple has upgraded their security policy which gives them extensive use of your personal information. The policy itself is pages long, making it difficult for the average user to read and understand what Apple is doing with their information. Is this ethical on the part of Apple?
5. Genetic Testing. Doctors are offering (at a cost) to perform genetic testing on unborn babies. This service could be of great benefit, especially if a serious medical condition potentially exists for the baby. It could also lead to designer babies.
6. Disaster Ethical Dilemmas. Disasters are increasingly common; such as pandemics, earthquakes, bushfires and flooding. Many decisions are made during the decision at the height of emotion; often resulting in long term trauma once the immediate crisis is over. One example is the release of water from the Wivenhoe Dam in Queensland which resulted in an ‘inland tsunami’ and killed many people. Dam operators were following procedure. This process has now resulted in a case action against the Queensland government; which will cost the government millions of dollars in addition to restoring the damage done during the floods. Should the dam operators have acted differently?
7. Climate Change. Climate change is discussed in the media on a daily basis. As a citizen we are encouraged to recycle, consume less electricity, take public transport where possible, etc. What ethical issues are involved if everyone followed the above measures? What if only some people followed the above measures?
8. Google Maps. Google has cameras operating at street level for their upgrade of Google Maps. Some people have caught in compromising situations. Privacy advocates are not supportive of the detail that Google Maps captures.
Report Structure and Advice
The report is to be written in a report format following these guidelines:
• Headings
• Harvard Referencing
• Minimum font size 10
• 4000 words (+/- 10%, 3600 – 4400 words)
• Executive Summary
• Table of Contents
• Appendix of supporting articles and material (not counted in word count)
• Contribution of members
• 1 page summary of topic and your findings • Only ONE submission per group is necessary.
The topic you select will have a great deal of documentation connected to it. Your report should demonstrate that you have made a serious effort to become the -expert- on that topic. Your focus should be on the ethical concerns associated with your topic.
This project should use an ethical theory to illustrate the concerns that you and your group have in association with it.
Presentation Structure and Advice
Your week for presentation will be allocated in Week 6 tutorial.
My preference is for you to use Prezi (, although Powerpoint is still acceptable.
You should include a title page and group members and an outline of your presentation. These are your only text-based slides. The rest of the presentation should be graphic.
Graphic Content: illustrations, photos, YouTube clips, tables, charts, graphs, maps, newspaper clippings etc
The requirement for graphic content is to put the focus on the group members during the presentation rather than the slides. You need to be rehearsed and comfortable with the content you are presenting.
Your presentation should highlight the main points of your report. You will need to explain the topic and your ethical review of the topic. You will present the expert findings you have come to about the topic.
ISIT301/IACT201 Group Assignment Marking Guide
Title page, table of contents, table of figures/pictures/etc, page numbers, team member
details, executive summary. Highest marks: report tells a very clear coherent story.
Lower marks: Report has some gaps and/or weak sections.
Look for the list of key components. /2
Writing mechanics
Edited well – grammar, spelling, phrasing. Easy to read. Flow of story is easy to follow.
Paragraphing and report section headings are used effectively. Highest marks: virtually error free. Lower marks: report contains distracting mistakes and is not easy to follow. Overall impression of the work. How refined and seamless are the group member sections? /2
Persuasive Writing
Regardless of the marker’s personal opinion of the matter, your report can sway their conviction. Highest marks: Ideas or conclusions are supported by relevant facts
(evidenced through referenced material). This includes a judgement on the reliability of the data. Lower marks: opinion and fact are not clearly separated and are not always logically supported by facts.
How well has the argument been presented? /5
Your evidence/figures/tables are used to good effect by including them in your writing.
They are labelled and referred to in text. They advance the point you are trying to make.
Highest marks: all figures/tables/evidence are easy to understand and are clearly linked to the text. Lower marks: Figures/tables/evidence are hard to understand and are not always linked to the text or the argument being made.
How effective is the content of the supporting information and how well has it been used? /5
Clear statement of the question/problem. Report keeps to the point and uses all supporting data to keep moving reader in the same direction. Logical argument with
sound conclusions is made. After reading the report the marker is conveyed the impression that the group has prepared by reading widely and having a strong grasp of the topic. Highest marks: strong position and argument made and sustained throughout report. Lower marks: argument inconsistent and topic not clearly defined.
Completeness and logic of content of the report. /10
Group Coherence
Your report has been edited to remove inconsistency between authors. There is
seamless contribution between members. Work has been allocated fairly between team members and contributions to the group project are made with integrity.
Identify any group problems or issues /2
Harvard referencing standard has been applied to all evidence. Highest marks: all
sources identified and reference appropriately. Evidence of careful and thorough research for a variety of sources. Lower marks: sources not identified, not sufficiently thorough, not referenced properly or not used.
Plagiarism detection /5
Presentation Content
Intro of topic and group members, clear statement of question/problem and how it is
going to be answered/solved. Logical argument with supporting evidence, conclusion made, keep to the point with relevant images.
Quality of the content delivered: is it on topic, succinct, accurate and complete? /6
Presentation Style
Presentation looks professional, Prezi preferred, material on slides is directly relevant,
correct referencing of material, all content is clearly readable. Not all team members are required to present, but whole team should be present and attentive during presentation. how did it come across? were the main points conveyed, style of presentation /3
Total /40

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