HI6006 Competitive Strategy Assignment

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February 21, 2017
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February 21, 2017

HI6006 Competitive Strategy  Assignment

HI6006 Competitive Strategy Tri1 2015
Guidelines for Group Assignment 2
Written document: A short report
Words limit: 2000
• Students need to research and identify 2 to 3 companies from the following 2 or 3 industries to apply “AAA” framework:

Use the Theory relating to Adaptation, Aggregation and Arbitrage to explain how companies from the following industries have used this theory for the pursuit of their businesses:
-Car industry
-Beer industry
-Pharmaceutical Industry
-Food industry
-Steel Industry
-Manufacturing of heavy equipmentHI6006 Competitive Strategy  Assignment
We suggest a paragraph heading for each of Adaptation, Aggregation and Arbitrage containing discussion of ideas. You do not need to define these concepts.
Report is expected to be able to discuss all areas of the report. You should meet many times and discuss the issues identified in the report.
Reports must include minimum 6 journal articles for above three AAA theories, two of each A. Reports must shows appropriates appendix to the assignment about why these journal articles are relevant to the assignment. The ideas from these journal articles will be captured and discussed in the main body of the report.
All ideas in the report must be referenced using Harvard Referencing.
In the first half of the report you introduce ideas, then in the second half of the report you will discuss and evaluate these ideas to identify what is most important.
This is a short report, so fill it with ideas and discussion.
Descriptive material has negligible value and should be avoided. We are seeking analysis, discussion and recommendation, enriched by ideas found in journal articles.
In business you will be expected to produce short well-argued reports. This is where you demonstrate that skill.
• Needs minimum 6 journal articles on the company/industry and explain how this company has been pursuing some or all the elements of this “AAA” framework.
• Has this company been successful or not successful in pursuing their business by using this framework?
• In conclusion – Your comments !

• References Harvard style

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