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Essay Assignment Help Online: A Short Guide to Essay Writing

In the subject of humanities, arts and sciences, much of your university work will be weighed by the nature of the essays you present – whether it is a class assignment that you prepare within the given time limit or an academic piece that you are asked to create during the examination within an hour. With increasing competition and rising academic pressure, students prefer professional essay assignment help to get their jobs done on time. Students mainly seek for essay writing help online to learn how to prepare, organize and present their work. If you are in search for an essential essay help assignment writing guide to cover every sector of writing, then you just saved yourself from hours of surfing on the internet.

This short online essay help guide enlightens you about different structural and organizational aspects of writing. This essay help online guide has been created based on the material gathered and adopted from a range of publication available on the internet as well as various printed publications. So it is guaranteed that the material presented in this guide to help with essay writing is authentic and reliab

How to use this guide?

This online essay help writing guide provides general assistance on writing. But remember that different modules have different requirements for writing, so make sure you understand the specific requirements. It is not necessary that you must follow the guidelines presented in this article. You can tweak the guidelines according to your feasibility.

The purpose of creating an essay help online guide is to make you understand what makes a good composition and how you can get better marks without putting more efforts. This guide has been developed for all students who are assigned to write in their coursework. Whether you are relatively new to writing or you a seasoned writer, you will all find this guide useful.

There are many ways to accomplish the task. Taking essay assignment help can be a feasible alternative because of its popularity in recent times. Despite availing essay writing help online, you need to have an understanding of how quality writing looks like. To get all the necessary knowledge, you need to read this essay help online guide.




The Best Approach to Essay Writing

Writing can result in a messy situation if you don’t control the process correctly. The writing process is a circular rather than a linear process where research helps you to build your argument. Then argument helps you to create the content and so on. There are various ways to write, and it is difficult to choose one. To provide you the needed essay assignment help, we have come up with an easier writing process that any student can manage. Similar to any writing, it also starts with selecting topics and ends with revising.

  • Step 1: Narrow down the topic

Once you are given or have chosen a topic, your first hurdle is to identify and then explore the underlying topic/theme/problem. For example, your professor asked you to write on, ‘What are the causes of Second World War?’ While analyzing the topic, you might think you have been only asked to write the causes of World War II, but in reality, you need to shed light on the factors that contributed to the cause and how they are related. After analyzing the topic, choose an aspect that can easily be harnessed through research. To get a good topic, students who seek assistance can easily avail professional essay assignment help.

  • Step 2: Identify keywords

An essay helps you to understand some key concepts, theories or conflicts in the subject in a detailed manner. After narrowing the topic, you need to label the key terms that define the theme of the prompt. Do brainstorming and use mind-mapping techniques to identify the key ideas.

  • Step 3: Conduct first primary research

Initially, students stay confused as to how to find relevant resources on the topic. Despite receiving a reading list, the students fail to understand how to use them properly. The students need to go beyond the reading list and gather material from library catalogs, abstracts and databases for material. The amount of reading you need to take to find resources is overwhelming. To narrow down your search, you need to ask yourself the following questions, who are the key writers in this field? Does the course reading contain useful sources? You may feel overwhelmed to keep everything in mind while conducting primary research, so consult with professionals who are diligent to provide you essay homework help.

  • Step 4: Take up a vast reading

Many students seek for essay assignment help because they fail to understand how to read academically. This can be quite challenging when you read for a specific purpose. It is advisable that you adapt to a specific reading strategy. Try to get the overview of the content, the debate within the topic, key issues of this debate, the key theories of writing on the topic and the evidences used to justify each position of the topic. Use note-taking strategy while reading academically.

  • Step 5: Construct an argument and create an outline

Identify the key issues that would compose the argument. You need to involve those things that would help you persuade the readers of your position. Remember this may change when you actually write the assignment. After identifying the key points, write them down to create an assignment structure. You could revise the structure by adding or deleting main points. If you are facing a time crunch, and have no time for creating an outline, you can take essay assignment help from experts.

  • Step 6: Write the first draft

Your first draft will be based on the argument you developed so far in relation to the question. The main purpose of writing the first draft is to lay the foundation. Employ the outline you have created and resist the temptation of just summarizing the ideas you have read by excessively quoting. While developing the first draft, you do not have to worry about the order of the paragraphs or language you use. Like many students around the world, you also can avail help with essay writing from experts.

  • Step 7: Do some more reading

Once you create the first draft, you will understand where you need more information. Narrow/widen your literature search to critically evaluate different positions or the strengths and weaknesses of each point. This time, you should concentrate on finding examples to support your claims. Many students prefer to consult with essay assignment helpers to gather best relevant research material from authentic sources.

  • Step 8: Take a break and revise

After taking a short break from writing, get back to the first draft and focus on your argument. You make sure that in the second draft, your argument appears in the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Students often hire an online essay editor in order to build consistency throughout the content. On the other hand, students can also ask someone for feedback and comments rather than taking essay assignment help. For example, you may have a friend, your partner, a fellow student who already has completed his or her task (you can give feedback on his writing in return). Take note of their comments and see whether it is necessary to employ them.

  • Step 9: Edit and proofread

Due to the time crunch, students often search for online essay editors who can refine their written pieces and incorporate formatting and referencing requirements as well. One needs to choose online editors according to their budget because there is a range of essay assignment help services on the internet. In case you are editing the content by yourself, use an editing checklist and check for grammar and expression, etc.

  • Step 10: Hand over the complete task

After editing and proofreading, when you are certain that the content does not need any changes or structural alteration, submit the assignment to the evaluator. If you have done everything mentioned earlier, you have successfully created a good quality work.

How to start my essay?

Students’ struggle begins when they have to select a suitable topic and then gather relevant material for building an argument. After doing all hardships, when it comes to writing the content, students mostly feel confused how to start their writing. This is where they seek for essay homework help from essay writing help online services. But the problem can easily be solved if you take the following approach.

If you have already gathered notes and wondering how to move to the next level of writing, then grab a pen and paper and write the thoughts that summarize your ideas about the subject, along with the different questions that came in your mind while reading about the topic. Then simply look to interconnect the ideas together and group them in whatever way it makes sense to you. After that, you will find a number of main ideas to work out the theme. And that’s it! You have just created your structure. Now develop your ideas into writing.


How to score higher marks in essay writing?

Students often take essay assignment help from online essay help services to secure higher grades in academic writing. Getting essay homework help is a feasible way to accomplish your writing task too. But there are few effective ways that can help you score high.

  1. Bring out your analytical side:

You need to describe something before you present an analysis of it. Save a place for description only if necessary; then write the analysis of it. The reason is, the analysis is what you will get marks for. But remember to present a logical and clear analysis because adversely muddled and undeveloped analysis will leave you with no marks. This is where you can take essay homework help services.

  1. Don’t rush:

You stayed up all night to finish your assignment the day before the deadline, but still ended up getting dissatisfactory scores. You failed to notice that you have taken down the quality of the paper by rushing it through. If you could have started few days before, you might have produced a piece that was much better in quality.

  1. Only answer the question:

These kind of writing tasks are assigned to test the knowledge of students on the certain subject. So if you have chosen a subject or assigned by the professor, you need to concentrate on answering the question presented in the prompt. Keep checking that you are going in the right direction. If you want to include something that seems interesting to you, but which is irrelevant to the topic, add it under footnote.

The Proper Academic Writing Style

When you have the ‘eureka’ moment by landing on some brilliant ideas, you think that you are about to get some marks. But in reality genius ideas would not be appreciated if it is written as a horrible prose. So execution is a must. No matter how accomplished the ideas seem, you need to concentrate on writing them. There are mainly three types of academic writing styles that students are asked to follow:

  • Descriptive
  • Argumentative
  • Evaluative

Students often search for essay writing help online solutions to understand the academic writing style in more lucid way. There are numerous essay writing help online websites that provide free essay writing help online solutions. Students have easy access to these free solutions and download them on their system for the future references. But still students need to have basic idea. So we provide some suggestions below:




How to perfect descriptive academic writing style?

  • Identify relevant themes to include
  • Be clear, precise and accurate
  • Employ logical reasoning
  • Keep to the point
  • Indicate the significant of what you describe

Know more about descriptive writing style through various essay assignment help samples available on our site.

How to perfect argumentative writing style?

  • Present your ideas clearly and concisely
  • Use logical reasoning to support your position
  • Give reliable, relevant, valid and convincing evidence/examples to support your reasons
  • Consider and respond to the possible arguments against
  • Present counterarguments of your arguments to make your claim more convincing for the readers.

You can get more idea about argumentative academic writing style by taking help on essay from us.

How to perfect evaluating writing style?

  • Make a judgment – give reasons for your opinion in the light of your evidence
  • Compare and contrast to find points of similarity and differences
  • Balance your argument by giving equal information and evidence to both
  • Use personal experience to help your readers relate to your story

Many essay assignment help services provide free resources so that students can clear their concepts regarding evaluative writing style.


There are few referencing styles that students have to follow in their academic writing. Universities promote their own style of referencing too. There are numerous essay assignment help samples that give you an idea of certain referencing style. Alternatively, you can also use university resources to understand what is expected of you. Some of the referencing styles involve footnotes or having a separate list called ‘bibliography’ or ‘reference list’. The most popular referencing styles in academic writing are Harvard system, APA, MLA and Oxford. You will be asked to cite the sources in either of these referencing styles. Among all the academic referencing styles, Harvard system is widely used by publishers and academics. Student often wonder how to cite the sources perfectly in their content. To get you started with referencing, here we explain Harvard referencing style.

Many essay assignment help resources regarding referencing are available on the internet. Students can use them to learn the appropriate way to cite their references or can take help with essay referencing from professionals,

Harvard Reference Style:

It is quite simple to understand. When you are citing references within the text, use author’s last name, the year of publication, the page reference – all these should be placed within brackets. For example,

The popularity of baked beans soared when Elvis Presley was seen to eat six whole tins on Entertainment Tonight in 1959 (Heinz, 2000: 34).

At the end, you should include a reference list that should incorporate every source you have referred in your work. Here are few examples of Harvard referencing style that students should follow,

Type of Reference Example of reference
In-text (Heinz, 2000: 34)
Book Heinz, Edward (2000) A History of Baked Beans, London: Arnold
Article in Journal Johnson, Sarah (1998b) ‘Deconstructing the pre-millennial diet: Special K and postmodernism’, Cultural Studies 11, 1: 34-44
Article in Book Johnson, Sarah (1998a) ‘The Cornflake in History’ in Norman Jennings (ed.) Food for Thought, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
Article in Newspaper Ratner, Clifford (2000) Magazine Sparks Love feud’, The Independent 10 October 2000, Thursday Review Section: 14.
Article from the internet Holmes, Amy (2000), ‘Greenpeace wins media war’, at (accessed: 25 November 2000).


This is how one should use Harvard referencing style. It is relatively simple to produce and easier to follow for the readers. The readers do not need to stop to look up for references in footnotes. But you can use footnotes for extra bits of information that you think is necessary to make your argument clearer to the readers.

What does the evaluator want to see in an essay?

You often wonder how markers evaluate assignment content and grade it. No matter what type of assignment you are working on, markers look for a few static parameters while evaluating the paper. The main aim of writing assignment is to learn the fundamentals of the subject matter. The second point is to think and write critically. These writing and thinking skills are often not acknowledged explicitly in the classroom. But these will help you gain detailed knowledge of the subject. Evaluators assess the paper based on the four areas that are focus, competence, wide and critical reading, argument and presentation.

  • Focus:

You need to understand the questions and tasks you have been given and focus on identifying connections between the ideas.

  • Wide and Critical Reading:

While reading a text, you need to identify the strengths and weaknesses to gain a deeper understanding of a point of view rather than accepting the opinion without argument.

  • Argument:

When it comes to argument, you have to ensure that the paragraphs have proper coherence. The idea explains itself through writing so that readers can get a better understanding of the subject.

  • Presentation:

You need to follow appropriate academic style with correct punctuation and grammar. Be sure that you follow the same referencing style you have been asked for. Correctly presented piece should always be clear and concise and therefore have powerful argument.

We hope you learnt a great deal from the sections described here. If you follow the suggestions closely, you will be able to create a good quality assignment yourself. After writing, you need to get someone to read it and make comments on your writing. You can consult with your marker and comments from your markers will allow you to further develop your research and writing. A good alternative to writing quality essays within time is one of the most useful essay assignment help provider for student around the world. We are best known for providing essay homework help, essay writing help online, online essay help and essay writing help online. Our help on essay writing includes the following unparalleled features:

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