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Exceptional Opportunity Now Available For Student Exchange

A student exchange program is part of an institutional framework. This means that student exchanges are defined in an agreement that was concluded between the University and one or more institutions (universities, European or multilateral institutions).

The majority of a student exchange program at the University in Europe is governed by the University plus agreements. Please note, no student can be authorized to participate in a second mobility period.

The other student exchange programs have been the subject of a bilateral agreement between the parent University and the partner university. They are most often modeled on the University plus exchange model.

How They Can Be Done

This can be done in the context of exchanges or thanks to external assistance to finance the study abroad project or the procedures. It is now more and more common to take a stay abroad to enrich your professional and personal experiences. Indeed, doing part of your school or university course in another country is a significant advantage for having a more attractive CV. Many students have taken advantage of their experience abroad, so why not you? Discover all the good reasons to participate in an international student exchange program.

Most Of The Exchange Agreements Signed By The University Are Based On The Following Principles:

  • Reciprocal exchange regarding the number of students
  • Exemption from registration fees at the partner university
  • Recognition and validation of studies carried out in the partner university
  • Selection of candidates by the home university, the partner university being able to examine the applications of the selected students and impose academic criteria or linguistic knowledge before definitively admitting the proposed candidates.

Duration Of An Exchange Program

The student exchange program at the University takes place over one year or one semester depending on your level of studies and your discipline. You will find details in the tables of destinations by field.

By opting for an international course, you are embarking on an enriching adventure combining cultural and linguistic immersion and independence. Did you go to study abroad as part of an exchange program? You can resell your experience to a recruiter. To prepare for your professional future, choose expatriation!


One of the great reasons you should think about participating in an international exchange program is the opportunity to see the world. By studying abroad, you will discover a whole new country with different perspectives, customs, cultures, and unique and original activities. The advantages of a study trip abroad include the possibility of discovering new people, new landscapes, natural resources, museums, and monuments in your host country.

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