Factors to Consider About Leadership Development

Leadership development is a complex process. It requires different methods to achieve other goals. Hence, organizations must define and implement their agendato ensure an optimal outcome. Identifying desired results and determining the appropriate activities to achieve them is important.Nevertheless, individuals should consider common factors in developing leadership skills, such as:


One of the most important sources of leadership development is training. However, each organization may have unique challenges. The most effective learning program equips leaders with the skills and tools they need to succeed. These programs are often based on a model of shared leadership development.


Another way to understand leadership development is to look at how people interact with each other or take on different roles. Those who are viewed as great leaders tend to have the skills to interact effectively with other team members, hold their staff accountable, and challenge them to grow. Similarly, leaders who drive innovation are seen as people who inspire others to do their best.


A third way to consider leadership is to view it as an evolution of an individual’s life. People may begin by taking on a more substantial role, then progress to a more complex one. Many of the most influential leadership theories include those rooted in personal development and transformation.


Finally, people should leadership development is to see it as the result of a collaborative process that involves many partners. This idea, referred to as W6, combines an evolutionary perspective on human development with a collective leadership perspective.

Collective leadership is characterized by building collaboration and social capital, releasing control, and building trust in the team. It is a more expansive vision of leadership than previous theories, and it is a worthy addition to the field of leadership development.

Overall, the survey results indicate that the most important sources of leadership development are a time for reflection, training, and feedback. Those sources should be explored further to see how they can be applied to various organizational contexts.

Discover more ways to enhance your leadership abilities by supporting an employee’s career development by reading the infographic below, created and designed by Corporate Learning Solutions:


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