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Finding the Best Jobs for You Now

Have you found a great job? Time for the real thing: apply! Write a personal letter in which you briefly introduce yourself and tell where your strengths lie. Motivate why you are enthusiastic about the position and why you are suitable. Also explain experiences from your resume. Do not repeat what is already in your CV, but tell new information. You can go for open vacancies right now.

Take your time

Avoid rushing to apply and take your time. In this way you will find work that actually suits you and you increase the chance that you will get the job for which you are applying.

Did you know that three-quarters of the labor force is actively looking, or is open to a new job? You can find work in different ways. How do you make sure that you stand out in the crowd? These 5 tips will help you find your new job.


Where is your strength? In other words; what are you good at? And what do you like to do? Consider well in advance where your qualities are and what you enjoy doing. What is also important to consider is which type of organization fits your personality, on the small scale so that you know everyone by name? Or does a large organization suit you, where there are more career opportunities? And in which region should the organization be located? If you can answer these questions for yourself, you can look more specifically for a job that suits you perfectly.

Use your network

Did you know that a large part of the new jobs is found via? Almost a quarter of the 1.3 million Dutch people who changed jobs in 2017 found a new job through their network. In addition, the effect of social media is also increasing. Check if family, friends or acquaintances still have an open position at a company that fits your wishes. The advantage of this is that your network knows exactly what you are doing and this increases the chance that they will think of you if a suitable position becomes available. You can go for open vacancies right now.

Make sure you have a good CV

You often have to make the first impression with your resume. Therefore make sure that your resume is personal, professional and up to date. When a CV contains all relevant training, work experiences, qualities and skills, a company gets a better picture of you as an employee. Therefore always send your resume with you, even if this is not requested. An extra tip: also post your resume on a job site. In this way you are easier to find for companies.

Register with an intermediary

Employment agencies are still a widely used intermediary when looking for a new job. They belong to the top 3 most important channels that help you in your job search. Sometimes you are flooded with vacancies and you no longer see the forest for the trees; an employment agency forms the link between you and the labor market and helps you to find the right job.

Quality over quantity

Would you like to find a job that actually suits you? Then be critical and only apply for vacancies that actually match your wishes, skills and competences. This also increases the chance that you will get the job for which you are applying.

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