How to Design a Website for Your School

November 11, 2019

In today’s competitive educational world, schools just like any business will strongly benefit from the development an engaging and well-structured website. The following are our top recommendations on how to achieve an optimal school website design:

  • Consistently Publish News Articles

A reliable web site uses its news section as a window into your institution. This is one of the very best ways to attract new mew members of the community in and reveal to them what your college or school is truly like on a daily basis. Showcasing your events regularly will give potential parents an insight into your schools. Additionally, this will allow users to see check back onto the website regularly, so they are aware of what the school has been up to and up and coming events. Ensure you are updating the news section of your website as often as you can, preferably at least once a week to ensure students, parents and the wider community are kept aware.

  • Think like parents

An effective website engages your largest audiences, your students’ parents. If the information they desire isn’t up-to-date, they will stop utilizing the site. Areas such as lunches, schedules, newest curriculum information, news, course pages, letters, what to do if their child is ill, clubs, galleries,  and how to aid their child in the house are what parents take a look at often, so ensure you are giving them new and useful content to read.

  • Make your website works for you

A reliable web site is the perfect tool for interacting with users. If you drive the parents to your well-maintained website when they ask for details, they will start eventually visiting there first before even asking, as they going to know that they can rely on it as an update to date and credible source of school information.

  • Make your sure your web design is easy to use

An efficient website needs to have simple to navigate sections with clear and concise titles. Information ideally needs to be accessible in three clicks or less, otherwise people will be left frustrated and may not continue to try to find it, as well as all your hard work developing a page will get wasted.

  • Finally, make it look top notch!

You’ve most likely heard the phrase “content is king” when speaking about internet sites, well we would most definitely agree, so definitely don’t neglect how your site looks and feels. Keep in mind the old saying, “a picture can speak a thousand words,” an aesthetically pleasing site will hold of the attention of your visitors, as well as encourage them to read more.