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Information you need to equip yourself with before the flu season.

The flu season happens every year in the United States of America, and everybody needs to be prepared. The flu is a disease that can be serious, causing health problems; hence it is essential to get the relevant information about the condition. The flu season is inevitable; therefore, it is upon you to know how you will prepare for the season. The things that should be considered include;


Everyone should get a vaccination every year as it is one of the proven ways of preventing flu and hospitalization because of the flu. The vaccines are developed yearly, depending on the expected influenza viruses.

The vaccines introduce antibodies to helping fight the viruses. The vaccinations differ with ages; hence always visit a specialist to get the right vaccine for your age. Anyone above the age of 6 months should get a vaccine unless they have other conditions excepting them from the intake of the vaccine.

Other methods of prevention

Other than vaccination which is the most effective of prevention they are ways you can reduce the spread of flu which are;

Avoid close contact

It is always essential to avoid getting too close to everyone you meet. If you find someone that exhibits symptoms of flu, keep your distance to prevent the person from spreading the disease to you. It also applies to you when you are sick, and you should not get close to people so as not to infect them.

Clean your hands regularly

Regular cleaning of hands is essential in preventing the spread of flu. The hands should be cleaned thoroughly by the use of flowing water and soap. An alcohol-based sanitizer will also help you in disinfecting your hand.

Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.

The hands carry lots of germs and if you do not want the bacteria in the body system, avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose. It will help prevent you from contracting flu and is something that should be practised during the flu season.


In the event you contract the flu there are ways of treatment such as;

Getting treatment from the doctor

You can get treatment from the doctor. The doctor may recommend different remedies and medicines to ease the symptoms and prevent the disease from affecting you severely. The drugs can be orally taken or through an inhaler.

Home-based treatments

The flu can just be treated at home if it is not severe. There are simple things that are employed to ensure that you get better including

Drinking a lot

It helps ease the symptoms and also dehydration. Always drink liquids such as juices, water and soup, and the flu will ease.


Getting a good bed rest will help when you are affected by influenza. If you have flu get enough sleep and you will feel better after the rest.


The flu season happens every year and vaccinations are also produced yearly to deal with the viruses. It is essential to practice all the preventive measures to avoid being a victim of the disease. Simple things such as rest and having drinks will help ease the flu.

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