Is Sterile Processing Tech a Good Career?

Sterile processing plays a vital role in the medical field. It prevents the spread of infections in hospital settings, making the area healthy and safe for individuals. 

The sterile processing technician assists surgeons during medical procedures. They are responsible for cleaning, organizing, and sterilizing medical and surgical tools used before and during the operation. 

If you are attentive to details, this career might be an excellent fit for you. Below is the information you need if you plan to become a sterile processing tech. 

What does a sterile processing tech do?

As mentioned above, sterile processing techs prevent infections by sterilizing, cleaning, processing, storing, and distributing medical supplies. Sanitized tools are critical in performing medical operations to avoid diseases and viruses. 

Additionally, sterile techs inspect for tool damages and flaws to ensure that they are functional and can be reused. If they notice cracks, they must report them to the inventory and request a new and functional one. 

Work Environment

Employment growth is essential to increase your sense of purpose and visibility in the workplace. 

Typically, employers provide training and certifications from CBSPD to promote the significance of education in healthcare sterile processing. These programs are beneficial for sterile techs’ professional growth. 

Once they have completed these programs, they will receive SPT certification, proving they have enrolled in professional sterile processing courses. 

Additionally, this profession is labor-intensive. If you are attentive to details and prefer physical work, this might work for you. 

Is Sterile Processing a Good Career?

Working in hospitals can be tiring. However, this career is rewarding, primarily if you aim to help others. 

Starting this career can be done without years of studying in medical school. But, it offers long-term benefits for your personal and professional growth. 

In fact, sterile processing technicians in California can earn up to $47,500 annually based on data from 315 TurboTax users. It can get higher depending on your education, skills, and certifications. 

You can also attract several opportunities in the medical community and might get promoted to a sterile processing manager or supervisor. 

If you know you are a team player, attentive to details, and committed to serving people; then this profession is exemplary. Not only will it help you with finances, but it will also give you satisfaction in providing your patients with the best and safest health care. 



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