Learning the Art of Decision Making

Making decisions is one of a leader’s fundamental duties. Managers need to be able to evaluate situations and choose the best course of action that will benefit the team and the company. Those in this position need to be aware that their choices will significantly impact the company’s operational, tactical, and strategic horizons.

Use productivity as an illustration. Employee productivity will soar and be evident if a leader knows how to make wise selections. Taking the right actions can expedite work initiatives and reduce time spent on them so they can focus on concerns that need more attention.

How to Make Effective Decisions in the Workplace?

Should a leader or manager feel the need to get courses in leadership, it would be wise to improve programs for the benefit of employees and the company. Here are some ways that a manager can improve their decision-making skills.

Apply SWOT Analysis Method

When concerns at hand are quickly identified, one of the most effective ways that a leader can address them is through SWOT analysis. Many businesses use the four-point SWOT analysis framework to evaluate their internal and external strengths and weaknesses. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats are known as SWOT.

This approach will put you in a position to develop solutions based on your strengths, enabling you to take advantage of additional chances while reducing your weaknesses and fending against dangers. A clear and accurate understanding of your internal environment through SWOT analysis will help you find strategies to improve your business.

Seek Help

But sometimes, in a worst-case scenario, a leader lacks options for solving an issue. There will be times when you need help figuring out what else to do. You must realize that even while you are expected to speak up on behalf of your team, you are still free to ask for advice and support. Acknowledging that you need assistance is preferable to putting your pride first and making poor choices. Situations like this are an opportunity for leadership development.


Leaders must be aware of how their choices will affect their team members’ level of trust. Managers can demonstrate appreciation for their staff member’s contributions to the business by making wise decisions. Also, this ability will assist leaders in reducing conflict and maintaining harmony and peace in the workplace.

Let this infographic by Corporate Learning Solutions give you more insight into leadership decision-making.


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