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The Growing Demand For Vocational Education

It is correctly said that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Detailed knowledge about things that matter and things that do not is essential for confidence building. The youth has to be empowered with an abundance of knowledge and vocational education.

What is vocational education?

This type of education is also known as Career and Technical Education (CTE). It is one of the most prominent lessons which will take the nation to its self-reliance goal and the path of modern technological development. Many people consider the conventional Indian education system accountable for its slow pace of growth as compared to other countries. However, these courses are offered to educate and prepare individuals to work in numerous sectors as technicians, traders, or craftsperson. It also gives them instructions and training leading to a certificate or diploma.

A vocational school which is specially designed to provide vocational courses and programs offers it at different levels such as:

  • Post-secondary
  • Further education
  • Higher education

These courses are offered in different sectors such as computer technology, office management, health care, and skilled trades.

Topics included in the course

  • Introduction to nursing health and environment
  • Clinical assistant
  • Network management
  • Skills required for office management
  • Managing the daily food and beverage of the hospitality industry

The growing popularity of vocational education

Owing to the high demand for skilled persons and as the labor sector is becoming more advanced, governments are investing in providing such courses on a large scale than before. Moreover, many governments are also providing apprenticeship at lower costs and training to attract more students. Students get to choose from a huge variety of career choices.

Schools that offer vocational courses

Initially, the course was heavily emphasized on specific activities such as a welder or an automobile mechanic. However, it has broadened its scope in the contemporary era and opened up for more courses such as retail and tourism. In addition to this, various parts of information technology are also offered in this course. Owing to the increasing popularity of vocational education, numerous educational institutions have begun providing it to the students. Consequently, some of the most prominent and reputed high schools have also started to provide basic knowledge about this course by offering courses such as auto repair and home economics. In addition to this, it must also be recalled that its post-secondary level of education is offered only by private educational institutions.


The most interesting feature of this course is that students can continue studying the course even after being hired by any company. In other words, the majority of the retail companies provide training programs for interns to start as trainees and work their way up to being managers.

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