What Benefits Does A Company Get From Migration Of Big Data?

April 25, 2021


Business Intelligence and Big Data are part of an industry in constant evolution. Therefore, they need continuous changes so that they remain working for the benefit of the business. Most of the time, old storage processes fail to deliver the benefits they offer.

A data management system is not helpful if it does not deliver the customer’s answers. Working on improvements so that they continue to support decision-making and facilitate access to data is the main reason to think about migration. Moving to off-premise storage is a big decision, one that carries tremendous results.

A study is always needed to determine whether migration is advantageous. It may require prolonged effort and should not be done overnight. Proofs of concept, strategies, and resources must be evaluated to verify if the Modern Data Warehouse will work in the business and if the paradigm shift offers a good cost-benefit.


Platforms are much more robust than any on-premise warehouse. For this reason, they invest heavily in security, managing to ensure that their customers protect the data they hold using the most advanced resources on the market.

No other cloud provider has certifications as relevant as Microsoft’s. Besides, the guarantees that the company offers are attractive for migration.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has an enormous weight on business decisions. The local data warehouses have been suitable investments, but they cannot cope with current needs.

Moving the generation of a company’s insights to the most modern vision is to understand that a Data Warehouse is not a single technology but a set of solutions that serve the organization’s purposes as efficiently as possible.

Big Data Integration

Big data is made up of unstructured data. A BI solution that does not take this into account brings poor results to the customer, as the cloud is the bridge between the two technologies and a trend that should not be ignored.

As companies’ investment to use business intelligence solutions is high, not all are willing to migrate to Modern Data Warehouses at once. In such cases, a hybrid configuration can be indicated.

This option is attractive because it reduces the costs and complexity of managing existing information and promotes a   progressive integration, which will lead the company from data science course in Bangalore with placement to the full use of data warehouses in the cloud.

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