What is the difference between a daycare center and a preschool?

December 14, 2019

New parents have plenty of things on their plate and then there is a big question whether they need to go to a preschool or a daycare. Parents would want to do the right thing by exploring all their options. Especially those who work daily need some closer about the difference between preschool and a daycare center.

A daycare center and preschool are almost the same things but there are a few fundamental differences. The first thing is that many countries don’t require the children of under 5 to go to school so there are daycare or child care centers where a child from the age of 0 to 5 can go and learn a few things. 

In such countries, daycare or preschools are private and can be expensive sometimes. Although these preschools and daycare centers are private, they get their funding through semi-government authorities. Here, let’s see the difference between a daycare center and a preschool for yourself. 


  • Daycare center: Daycare is different from preschool. It is a place where kids are staying because their parents are at work. It is a safe and protective environment where children can play with numerous other children despite a little age difference. It allows the parents to work easily without worrying about hiring a private nanny alone with a kid. Sometimes, a daycare center is a part of the organization where you work and sometimes, you have to find a different daycare because your employment company doesn’t have any daycare facilities. It has long hours and opens even in holidays. Visit our website.
  • Preschool:A preschool is a place where children from age 3 to 5 can go but some of them offer to take a kid under the age of 3 as well. In a preschool, children are learning and growing by knowing things. Like they are getting to know what study is and the preschool staff teaches the kids to know stuff around them. Their basic aim is to promote a child’s emotional, physical, social, cognitive abilities.They are not much old to understand study basics like kindergarten, but it is a good thing that you prep them for kindergarten through preschool. Preschool is just half a day long and filled with many fun and learning activities along with a little bit of study. It is a place where you can prepare your child for elementary school.