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Where to Look for the Tutors Needed for Your Children

If you have a child who just isn’t doing that great in school, you might want to find “A Team Tuition” tutors and discuss with them what they can do to help your child. Whether your child needs help with homework, assignments or preparing for exams, or only needs motivation and a confidence boost at school our tutoring service can help. 


In 2010 it was realized that basic tutoring methods were not bringing enough to those tutored children to produce the academic results for these students. These students were making constant mistakes and were not able to get what was needed going through their education and learning. They were not getting what was needed to become independent and successful students. Something was missing.

Bring up from the slump

In order to help bring the Australian education system and the tutoring industry of this slump that it seems to be in, they developed the Academic Person Training. This is a hybrid of:

  • Teaching
  • Mentoring
  • Academic strategy

This strategy focuses on the supporting of students, together with improving their mindset and develops them to take control of their own learning. By doing this, they have been able to do more for students than just tutor them well; they have been able to change lives. 


They have also changed the mindset of Australian education. They have the belief that any student anywhere can achieve “A” grades with the correct amount of support, action plan, and frame of mind.

Core services

Their core services are tutoring primary school and they take great pride in the standard of services they offer. This organization has a wide-ranging recruitment service to hire only the best tutors possible. They have a high quality of staff in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas and are highly trained as well as motive to offer only the best possible services.


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