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Why Technology in Schools isn’t a Bad Thing

Smartboards, LCD projectors and educational trackers are just a few pieces of technology that are gradually securing their place in the classroom. However, some people may be sceptical whether technology such as this is necessary or helpful to teachers and students. In response, this post shall highlight why educational tracking, in particular, is a fundamental tool for all schools.

Educational tracking, such as the Educators EYFS assessment software and learning journal’s primary purpose is to assist nurseries, preschools, and reception classes in tracking each child’s development throughout their early years. Features and benefits of using this technology are as follows; 

Monitor Student Progress

The EYFS tracker provides educators with the resources to record students progress each term. By checking off which pupils have:

  • An advanced understanding of the curriculum
  • If the student is on track 
  • Or if the student is struggling to understand the curriculum

If it’s the latter, teachers can quickly identify which students need additional encouragement and support to aid their progress. 

Build Pupils Confidence

Youngsters love to hear praise and feedback about how they are performing in school. The EYFS tracker gives teachers the tools to show pupils their progression over the last few weeks, months and years. In turn, this can help to boost pupils confidence in their capacity to learn new things.

Bring Child’s Progress to Life

Parents want to know how their children are performing in school from a young age. School reports are reassuring as an end of school year assessment; however, during the academic year, parents receive limited feedback on how their child is progressing. As a solution, the EYFS tracker enables teachers to upload evidence of a child’s progress over the school year. For example, videos of their pupils singing, reciting the alphabet or writing their names. The Educators EYFS assessment software tracker allows parents to access the system and view content uploaded by the teacher. As a result, this creates transparency between the school and parents. 

School Improvements

A prosperous school is one that continuously self evaluates to identify its strengths and weaknesses. To do this, schools collect and organise data so that they may interpret it into something meaningful for the school. Schools who lack the knowledge and tools to extract, organise and understand data are highly susceptible to DRIP syndrome. This term refers to schools who have a lot of data, but no way to arrange and use it to the school’s advantage. Without the EYFS tracking software and the expertise to translate data, school progression resorts to a slow drip and can impair the future of the school.

Technology, such as the EYFS Education tracker, is a crucial tool for schools. It enables school leaders, governors, headteachers, and teachers to collect valuable data about their school and use it to improve their pupil’s education and their reputation. Plus to inspire parents to take an active part in their child’s learning.


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