Convert SVG Images to PNG: 5 Sites to Do it Online

June 16, 2020

SVG images are an excellent choice for having vector and scalable files, but to be uploaded to a website and used, these photos necessarily need a conversion to PNG: an operation that you could do by exploiting the numerous software available in network. But why waste time behind the programs, when on the web you can find several resources that are much more comfortable and faster to use? So let’s find out how to convert SVG images to PNG using 5 online sites.

1. AnyConv

AnyConv is probably the best site to convert SVG to PNG online: you can in fact convert these files quickly, uploading 60 at a time and also using a direct connection with your Onedrive and Dropbox accounts. Finally, to underline the fact that CloudConvert allows you to convert any file format: not only SVG, therefore, but also PDF, audio files and many others. The only “limitation” is the size of the individual files, which cannot exceed 50 MB.

2. Convertio

Convertio is without a doubt the main competitor of CloudConvert. The reason? Simply because many of the features of this online conversion service coincide with the previous website: you can convert SVG images to PNG, upload them directly to Google Drive and Dropbox, or take advantage of your accounts on the other cloud storage supported by Convertio. In addition, you can also create a link to be sent via email to those who wish to receive your file. As if this were not enough, Convertio also allows you to convert many types of files, such as documents, PDFs and other image formats.

3. is a truly professional SVG to PNG online conversion service. Theoretically it should not need any presentation, considering that it is probably the most famous site with regards to file conversions: not only SVG therefore, but also PDF, audio files and even video files. Furthermore, to underline that for each file you want to convert, you can take advantage of a tool made specifically. The site also supports email link service, and multiple conversion of SVG files. Unfortunately, the file to be converted cannot exceed 100 MB.


Online-Convert may seem at first sight a real clone: ​​the conversion features are practically identical, as well as its interface and the options you can use to convert SVG images to PNG. In addition, the site also includes other goodies: such as Hash encryption, archiving tools and even audio conversion tools. But it has a limitation that will probably make your nose turn up a bit: it does not allow multiple conversion, so you will have to manage one file at a time. In contrast, provides you with more in-depth customization options than its competitors.

5. is a good option to convert SVG images to PNG, but it is not the best choice you can make: even in this case, in fact, you can convert only one file at a time, but you will also have many other image formats available for your output. To add, however, that the conversion options of this service are of quality: in addition to image files, in fact, you can also convert other types of files, such as audio and archives.