Essential things to keep in mind before undertaking AI English test

May 27, 2020

Around the world, many individuals wish to travel abroad. On the contrary, some individuals have been in foreign countries and wish to take their spouses along with them. In that case, the spouse visa is mandatory. As known earlier, the person who needs a spouse visa has to undergo the AI English test. It is necessary to clear the A1 English test. 

What is the A1 English test?

The A1 English test is the beginner level in the Common European Framework of Reference. It is a definition of different language levels and has been written by the Council of Europe. Added, when an individual set to qualify the AI English test, he would be called as a “beginner”. It is the official description of the individuals in the CEFR and is also used by EF SET. A learner who starts learning English or who has no prior knowledge about the English language will be under the pre- A1 level. 

How to decide whether you are at an A1 level English?

Few individuals may not have the right concise about their level of English. They will be quite confused and think whether they are at the A1 level or not. The best way to know it is to take a high-quality standardized test. 

The test and the respective scores will help you to unlock the category about your English knowledge and confirms whether you are at the A1 level in English or not. 

There are certain criteria for every English test that will help you to look up with your English levels. For instance, the score of EF SET may range between 11-30. On the contrary, the scores of the Cambridge English Scale range from 80 – 99.

How AI level in English will help you get the spouse visa?

Compared to other countries, many European countries have been insisting on the individual’s clear A1 level English test to avail of the spouse visa. An A1 English test will be more sufficient and are with simple interactions that will allow the individual to enter into an English-speaking country without any lag. 

An A1 level of English will not be sufficient for any other academic or professional purposes. Just for entering into an English-speaking country, the A1 level of English will be mandatory. 

According to the official CEFR guidelines, any individual who is at the A1 level in English, 

  • Can understand and use familiar expressions in their daily routine. Added, they can aim in satisfying their own needs during their stay
  • Can introduce themselves without any hesitation and ask for any questions and get answers without any hassle
  • Can interact with other people similarly to make a sequential flow and prepare to help with the same

With the help of the a1 English test, one can take up the task and make things clear while applying for the spouse visa.