Facts About The Nursing Program Of UST-Legazpi That You Need To Know

September 3, 2020

Nurses across the globe are noble professionals. They are crucial in the healthcare system. If not for nurses, hospitals are in chaos, and patients shall be ill. These are some of the many reasons why pursuing nursing as a course is both a profession and a passion – or as what others may put it, a calling.

If you have been called, then it’s high time to start studying nursing to become the nurse you want to be. It takes time and effort. The arduous journey is all worth it until you pass the board exams and be a Registered Nurse (RN). Now, all of that is made possible and more comfortable through quality teaching.

Guided by the same pursuit, the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi is the pioneer educational institution to ever offer nursing as one of its course programs. Over the last years, the University has continuously produced nurses. All of these successes have hailed UST-Legazpi as the best school in Legazpi city up to this date.

The College of Health Sciences (CHS) likewise includes the study of Pharmacy and Medical Technology. UST-Legazpi is committed to providing the best for its student, which is why highly-esteemed faculty are chosen to train future nurses of this country effectively.


To become the best nurse you can ever be, start enrolling with UST-Legazpi today. Know more about the educational institution here.

Roster OfFaculty Experts

Teachers play a significant role in the learning process of every student. They are the focal persons that help students to realize their best potentials. In the UST-Legazpi, the nursing program is successful with its faculty experts. The institution recognizes the importance of every professor in the development of Thomasians who aspire to become nurses soon.

4-Year Duration

The nursing program lasts for four years. In this duration, the necessary lessons are provided to each student. It includes on-site training with first-hand interaction in hospitals. All professors seek to ensure that the safety and security of students are of paramount consideration.

Accessible Learning Materials

UST-Legazpi likewise provides accessible learning materials for every student, not only in the nursing program but in all courses as well. These materials are significant in providing inclusive education and teaching. It discusses the most basic to complex ideas or lessons. As UST-Legazpi is known as a law school in Bicol region, the institution seeks to produce competent and proficient nurses that will serve as one of the crucial healthworkers in the country.

Excellent Feats

UST-Legazpi has been consistently achieving board exam passers. Nurses graduating from the University are equipped with the necessary medical skills and learnings. As one of the College of Health Sciences Bicol, the institutions work at its best to help you, not only pass but to ace the exam if possible. If you’re interested, the nursing course in UST-Legazpi is perfect for you.


Final Word

These are essential details about the nursing course program by UST-Legazpi. Be a Thomasian now, and start your academic journey towards becoming a nurse. As a medical professional, the University aims to hone you in all aspects. The consistent board exam passers from the University is one significant factor to consider. Use this as your guide as soon as you plan to enroll.