Selecting recruitment software for temporary agencies 

February 11, 2020

We know working for the recruitment sector is challenging. There is constant need to build a talent pool in order to find the right candidate for their clients. 

Those working in temporary recruitment have additional set of challenges. If you’re currently working as a recruiter outsourcing talent for temporary jobs, you’re already familiar with the demanding and fast paced nature of the job. What can be an added challenge is how accuracy is a perquisite to this job. So recruiters are not only expected to do their job quickly but also accurately. 

Shopping for a temporary recruitment software entails looking for specific features as well as some more basic ones. Common features like cloud-based servers, CV parsing and branding, seamless integration with Office 365, etc., should be supplemented with features that supports easy temporary recruitment.

You want a software that allows you to:

Check candidate’s real time availability

Placing candidates in the temporary recruitment sector can be taxing if checking candidate availability is a pain. Recruitment software for temporary recruitment has to address this critical issue. You want a software solution that allows you to view and manage your candidates in real time. Recruiters manage a lot of candidates. It is enormously helpful if available candidates can be identified in split seconds. If candidate visibility is no issue, you can manage and coordinate talents for your clients with ease.

Improve communication

A single platform to manage and monitor your communication with candidates and clients is highly desirable. Communication is one of the pillars of a recruitment business. Quick communication is extremely vital for a temps recruitment business. With a CRM software, it is easy to communicate effectively and promptly. Save time and effort by using the software to send multiple job confirmations in a single click to a client. Confirm job bookings to candidates in seconds. 

Support compliance 

You’re matching hundreds of candidates with hundreds of jobs weekly in this busy industry. You have invoices to raise, candidates to test and send out to clients, etc. You don’t need the additional pressure of guaranteeing the candidates are up to date with their compliance. Find a CRM software that supports compliance and can track your candidate’s right to work according to requirements of the different client sectors you’re supplying for. While GDPR is firmly in place by now, the imminent IR35 rule could be tricky to understand and navigate. A recruitment software that can enables recruiters to check candidates’ outstanding compliancy documents in minutes is important.

Process timesheet in seconds

Temporary workers need to fill the timesheets in order to get paid. The temporary recruitment software should provide integrated online timesheets where candidates can enter their worked hours and get it authorised as soon as possible. Recruiters and employees should be able to track and confirm the time and attendance.

Conduct skills tests

Skills testing should be an integral part of temporary recruitment software. You want to source the best candidates to your clients. Match right the candidates with the job by conducting different skills tests. Software solutions offer literacy and numeracy skills tests as well as a range of other tests according to the needs of the recruitment company. As the tests are quick and the results immediately available, recruiters can assess candidates and match them to the job.