Microsoft certifications—5 best listed

February 4, 2020

One of the reasons that Microsoft is still standing and enjoying the breeze of fresh air every now and then is because it has kept its level of providing quality over quantity. It is best known for its operating systems and office essentials but other than that in professional IT paced world the best of the best Microsoft is known for its certifications offered to students and professionals. There are a lot of benefits that comes with acquiring the Microsoft certifications, first of all you would get the right level of exposure and validation of you skills and the next are as thrilling as the first one.

In fact the list of the benefits can go on and on but what is more important is to determine the top 5 best Microsoft certifications currently available and what the benefits of acquiring the listed certifications are. So, without further ado let’s begin;

Fundamental certifications

Fundamental certifications as can be taken from the name are the most basic level certifications that you can come around. These practically follow the acquiring of some skills such as editing, design & layout and understanding the use of Microsoft 365 office products. But you do require a proper certification if you want to take the game to the next level and earn decently. Not only your skillset would be validated with the help of such certifications but also you would get the right exposure that you always have wanted.

  1. Microsoft 365 certified fundamentals

Of all the certifications that were mentioned within the fundamental certifications this right here is the best of the best and there is a subtle reason for it. For starters, acquiring this certification will make you eligible for putting out all of the skills that you have learned with this certification and earn a living within the IT industry. These professionals get around all type of 365 applications developed by Microsoft. Some of the honorable mentions include the working of Microsoft’s smart, cloud based solution package including Office 365. Windows 10 and Security. By earning this certification it would be clear that not only you do have an understanding of these systems but carry the professional knowledge on how to use them.

Microsoft certified solution associate

If you are a professional who carries a simple know-how information of the systems then maybe you can jump right into learning the special aptitude for a field that you like or want to pursue as a career. This is where MCSA certification comes into play. If you want to earn a high level certification in the future then it is important that you first earn a MCSA certification first. Doing so will not earn you an entry level job within the circuit but would also help to build yourself a sound career.

  1. 70741 certification

70741 certification is a MCSA based certification which loosely translates to networking with windows server 2016. The main objective of this certification is to prepare the professional for understanding the installation, configuration, implementation and storage of the latest Microsoft server operating systems. Basic networking configurations, understanding of the features setting of the related network based settings is also one of the key aspects of this certification. The exam can be taken for this particular certification by registering with the Microsoft directly. This is not an entry level certification as it holds specific spot within the IT industry as being one of the prominent and high in demon skill within cloud storage and networking systems.  Take training for 70741 certification from QuickStart and get yourself ready to pass the exam.

  1. 70703 certification

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager certification or 70703 certification is the proper name for this particular certification and as the name directs the certification itself is not so very professional or high ranked. It is basically an entry level certification that proves that the individual can help various IT based business in the managenmt of the clients, computers and other related services as well.

This certification will showcase your ability to better take on the working of a coordinator or a helping assistant that can manage the network and other computer related systems in a better way as you have the proper training and certification that validates the exact practice of the training.

  1. Expert certifications—Azure DevOps engineer expert

As the name implies these are the expert level certifications and you do require some kind of previous knowledge of the systems or training to undertake one of these certifications. But adapting to these certification one thing is certain that you would get off to a great overall career and get a high paying job as well. The main objective of the Azure DevOps engineer expert is to unite the people, systems, processes and work flows in such a way that the development and deployment team is united and working end to end to make the deadlines meet. Furthermore, you will be tasked with developing a particular DevOps strategy for customized businesses.

Continuous integration, delivery and implementation are one of the core objectives that you will learn within this certification and probably you would be tasked with carrying out the same process for the company or industry you would work.

  1. Microsoft MOS certifications—Microsoft office specialist 2016

One of the core objectives of this certification is to make sure that you have the core or fundamental knowledge of various workings of the Microsoft office. This is under no duress a weak or timid certification that you can acquire within the strike of two fingers, on the contrary you would have to prove your certain skillset and methodology of working with various applications of the Microsoft office. You can either be taken up by the organizations who works best with the Microsoft office or the related products or work as an independent contractor that can set up those services or Office suites for various other businesses.

These are the top 5 Microsoft certifications that are in high demand within 2020 and if you want to score a better career then you should also try to indulge yourself in any of those mentioned here.