Everything you need to know about mechanical pencil

May 1, 2021

Mechanical pencils are popular among both adults and children. These pencils are come in a wide range of styles, with a lot of features, and are suitable for a wide range of applications. When mechanical pencils are in good shape, they have several advantages. They have a steady sharp edge, you can be refilled with lead, and are enjoyable to use. The mechanical pencil is the greater option for drawing and it carries a huge range of benefits. For that purpose, most people prefer to use this mechanical pencil. Generally, the mechanical pencil comes in two main materials one is plastic and another one is metal. 

Why Should You Use a Mechanical Pencil?

You can also get various colors in mechanical pencil. Hence, there are several important reasons to choose the best colored pencil and mechanical pencil over a wooden pencil. 

No sharpening required

There will be no sharpening. While using a mechanical pencil you do not need to continue sharpening the lead if it is thin enough you just simply keep writing or sketching. Mechanical pencil also saves time and work. 

Better line width

A newly sharpened wood-cased pencil writes an extremely thin line but as soon as you start writing, the line get thickens. This will lead to sharpening it again. With a mechanical pencil, you get the proper width of the line because the line on a mechanical pencil is consistent and it is a more reliable tool.


The mechanical pencil carries plenty of benefits to the users. Both lead and erasers of the mechanical pencil are refillable. You no need to dispose of the mechanical pencil if you have finished, then it is simply just filled back up with the lead and you can start to write. 

Easy to balance

The normal pencil will not give the proper balance to the user and it becomes shorter and shorter by continual sharpening. Mechanical pencils do not lose balance and remain the same size since they are not sharpened. As you use lead on the mechanical pencil, the balance remains the same.

Important features

  • In mechanical pencil, you can find various lead sizes. These diameters usually vary between 0.5 mm and 2.0mm according to your requirements.
  • Do you like to always carry a pencil? For all sorts of bags, mechanical pencils are considered safe. They include a pull-out tip that prevents clothes and legs from being damaged when you carry them in your pocket.
  • Mechanical pencil always has comfortable handling. Many mechanical pencils come with a rubber grip will allow you to write conveniently while using your pencil.

Uses of mechanical pencil

For note picking, journalizing, or office work, a mechanical pencil is perfect. You may keep writing to your favorite content because you will not have to worry about sharpening it. Many technical authors use mechanical pencils as their primary writing equipment for drafting and technical writing. A pleasant and textured grip and long thin sleeve should be a nicely drawn-out mechanical pencil. The balance of mechanical pencils and the variety of the various leads make them quite attractive hence, it helpful for sketching and art. 

Most people prefer to use a mechanical pencil which gives nice handwriting. Thus, when comparing to another kind of pencil the mechanical pencil will give flexibility and comfort while drawing and writing.