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Resolving Your Eating Problems By Learning To Like Yourself

Do you belong to that group of people who are so focused on what you look like on the outside that you’ve forgotten to take note of the beautiful person you are on the inside? In fact, this pursuit of external perfection has driven many of us to put ourselves through what no sane person really enjoys – dieting! Dieting though should always be about more than just striving for that perfect body.

Dieting should first and foremost be about striving for good health. Everything else flows on naturally from that. Beauty is after all only in the eye of the beholder so trying to force yourself to conform to some artificial notion of what is or isn’t beautiful is never a good idea.

One of the best tips about dieting is learning to love yourself. Learn to be happy with who you are and with what works for you. Unfortunately for many people, dieting is more about trying to become something they’re not. They may be trying to become more like someone they admire, or trying to return to their self of yesteryear. The problem with this is that you’re unlikely to ever be satisfied with your results. There will always be something else you want to change or tweak because you’re simply not fundamentally at peace with yourself, and who you are.

This is not to say though that you should accept you are ‘naturally overweight’ or ‘naturally unhealthy’. Ultimately, with every morsal you put in your mouth, you should be striving to improve your health. You should be asking yourself – ‘how will what I’m about to eat contribute to improving my health’. Not ‘how can I fundamentally change the person I am with diet’.

In other words, instead of trying to create a ‘new person’ to hide behind, you should come to terms with who you are, and learn to love and respect that person. When you can do that, you’ll also come to realize that the person you are deserves to be loved and respected. Part of that love and respect is taking ownership of how you look after it.

Many people overeat from emotional stress, boredom, procrastination, uncertainty, comfort and so on. Identifying your eating triggers, understanding what is causing them, and then working on resolving those issues will do more to address your dietary problems than simply embarking on a series of faddy diets that only address the superficial issues.

Depression for example is a common cause of overeating. Fix the issues that are causing the depression and you’ll likely find that goes a long way towards fixing your weight problems as well. It may even be that instead of embarking on a heavyweight diet, you’ll be able to significantly improve your weight and your health by making healthier lifestyle choices and enlisting the aid of a relatively simple dietary aid like diet pills as per the Shark Tank keto pill episode.

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