Documents Required to Apply in Central Europe to Study Medicine 

December 4, 2019

While it could be a dream for you to study in one of the top universities in Europe and pursue and have a great career. Before that, there are a few steps that you have to go through. Studying medicine in Brno when preparing to apply, there is a list of documents that you would require, and here is a list that would make it easier for you.

Academic Writing Submission: 

Each academic program would have its requirements when it comes to academic writing submission. It would be sample writing, a research paper, a statement of purpose, any essay, and you must submit when you are submitting a whole lot of your paper. It could be to test your skills on the competitive application, how you could come up with an article on your research.

Letter of Recommendation: 

As part of your application you must submit at least two letters of recommendation. It would talk about the process of your graduate-level work and how you would be able to have a successful career. It should be on paper in English and should be sent online. Sometimes many universities would not appreciate late references, and therefore you should be careful.  

Academic Records: 

This is one of the most important things that you would be sending with studying medicine in Czech Republic university application. Your bachelor’s degree completes the final academic record. It is only after you have submitted the full academic record would you be considered as a potential student recipient by the university. Also, do not fail to remember to mail in your resume as well. 

Make sure that your CV should be updated and should have all the essential information so that later it causes no problem. And if any university has any particular format of CV submission, then you should abide by that as well.  

Proof of English Proficiency: 

This is important when you are submitting your documents. It would mean that you must prove that you would be able to keep up with the academics and English study material. For this, you necessitate submitting your TOEFL marks or grades. 

Two other most important things that you have to submit would be standard test score GRE, GMAT, but it is only necessary if you are applying for in any department of economics and business. And whenever you are using make sure that you have gone through the whole brochure of the university so that later you make no mistakes.