Best Physics Books For Jee Mains 2020 Preparation

December 4, 2019

Those who are done with their JEE main 2020 registration, have already begun the countdown. With only a month left for the exam, students are doing everything to prepare their best to secure admission in the engineering college of their choice. After submitting JEE Main 2020 application form, all they want is time to prepare and a book with all the information that these JEE aspirants need for the exam. Although NCERT is the basis for the syllabus for the exam, students are required to consult other books as well. Given below is a list of those books that are recommended by teachers and students who passed the exam in the past.

Concepts of Physics (Vol. 1 and 2)

This book is written by Dr. H C Verma, and published by Bharti Bhawan. The book has two volumes with each volume covering different topics of physics. Once a student fills the JEE Main 2020 application form, the only thing that the student has in mind is a book to prepare him well for the exam. This book is a complete relief as the language of the book is simple enough that students can easily understand the explanation of concepts and problems. The book is known to have examples from daily life so that students can relate and understand the concept, and can retain it forever. It is a complete guide to understand physics in general and to prepare for JEE Main.

Fundamentals of Physics

Written and compiled by three professors David Halliday, Robert Resnick, and Jearl Walker, the book has media presentation of the content for a better understanding of those who struggle with absorbing knowledge through reading. The 10th edition of the book has been introduced in the market with re-written chapters and the addition of new sample and practice problems. Sample problems allow students to understand the concepts while the practice problems help them to review their understanding. The book is considered as the most reader-friendly book for physics.

Understanding Physics 

Authored by D.C Pandey, and published by Arihant publishers, it is a series of five books. The series is ideal for the preparation of both JEE Mains and advanced as every exercise in each book has been divided into two sections; JEE Mains and JEE advanced. The text in the books has been presented in the form of tables, diagrams, and illustrations for better understanding and retention of the concepts. The books have all types of questions such as questions with single integer answers, questions with single correct answers, multiple correct answers, and questions based on assertion-reason and comprehension. This prepares students not only with the concepts but also with the application of those concepts in questions.

Problems in General Physics

Written by I.E Irodov, ‘Problems in General Physics’ is intended to explain some important topics of physical science such as mechanics, thermodynamics, waves, oscillations, optics, molecular physics, electrodynamics, and nuclear physics. I.E Irodov is the professor of General Physics and has many journals and other literary works to his credit. He has explained all the concepts in the book with the help of problems as the book contains around 2000 problems from the said topics. The complicated problems have been provided with solutions for a better understanding of the students.

14 Years’ IIT-JEE Main and Advanced – Objective Solved Papers

This is the book that any JEE aspirants would look for immediately after their JEE Main 2020 registration because the book has questions papers from the last 14 years. Previous year question papers give an idea about the pattern of the exam that helps the student in planning their preparation time and method. Entrance exams like JEE need a lot of practice in addition to the understanding of concepts. the book does not only have questions but also a detailed solution to each problem so that students who are preparing on their own without any guidance from a teacher, may also understand the application of the concept. Solving these papers helps in the last-minute revision required a week before the exam.

A Collection of Questions and Problems in Physics

Authored by L.A Sena, the book is a collection of questions and problems, which are helpful for students in preparing for JEE Mains and advanced. Solving papers prepares students to understand and cope with exam anxiety. Also solving questions and problems develop practical skills in students. It is a self-instruction book for students which means they can understand each problem without any external explanation from a teacher. The important highlight of this book is the figures and diagrams in the explanation of almost every problem. It has been proved, in different research, that it is easier for humans to understand and remember things explained with the help of diagrams and illustrations.

A book is man’s best friend only when it is read sincerely and thoroughly. Similarly, a book may explain concepts and provide solutions to the problem but students’ efforts and hard work hold equal importance while preparing for an exam like JEE Main.