August 5, 2020

With the current onslaught of technology, there has been an increase in the amount of data as well. More and more companies are focusing on managing the large amount of data that is being generated every second all over the world. It is not easy to manage this much data without having good knowledge about how data is collected, stored and manipulated. The field, which has dedicated itself in learning about data is known as data science.

What is data science?

Data science is a multidisciplinary field which uses statistical methods, machine learning algorithms and programming languages in order to manipulate data. It is quite similar to data mining and big data in some aspects. Data science has been a hot topic in recent years and rightfully so. The concept of structuring and making sense of unstructured data does seem exceptionally interesting. The famous platforms like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon use data science in order to manage the large amount of data and make their platforms smarter.

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The skills you are required to have

It is important that one understands that data science requires a person to have great knowledge about statistics, machine learning, database management systems and programming languages including Python and R. Since it is a relatively new term, but a famous one nonetheless, more and more universities are introducing it into their curriculum. Moreover, there are many courses available online as well.

Applications of data science

Some of the areas where data science is used massively is banking, finance, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare etc. Since there are statistics used in data science, it is also used to predict weather conditions and disasters. This has managed to help in disaster management and make people aware about environmental conditions as well. The banking sector uses large amounts of data to keep a record of the finances of people, whereas the transportation system is using algorithms, data science has to provide transport facilities to all parts of the world. There are different surveys in all sectors of the market, which helps one to understand the wide range of applications data science has.

To be a data scientist

Even though the field of data science is new, the companies want their employees to be skilled and experienced, which is difficult for students who have freshly graduated. So, it is recommended for people to take courses and intern in other companies in order to get some experience under their belts. This will not only increase their chances of getting that job, but also earning a lucrative salary and earning respect as a unicorn data scientist.

In conclusion

A skilled data scientist is supposed to have a genuine curiosity for learning data. The main aspect of data science is understanding the data and trying to come up with new ways to make it more sensible. Furthermore, a person who has studied data science can also study other fields with ease. It is a well-rounded field which overlaps with many others. So, if you realize that you are more interested in machine learning rather than data science, you can still opt for that choice any day.

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