Time Management, Key to the Success of IIT-JEE

February 15, 2020

Indian Institute Of Technology or IIT is some of the most prestigious educational institutes of India. But, getting an admission in these institutes is not easy as the competition is fierce, for example in 2018 around 12 lakh students appeared for JEE mains but only 2,20,000 students qualified for the JEE advance. Even though the exam is tough, it is not impossible to achieve. In order to secure their place in IIT, students must have a very efficient study plan in place, and IIT JEE coaching in Thane can help them achieve their dream.

With IIT-JEE preparation, the main problem that students face is time management. Here are some tips that students can follow to resolve this issue.

Study plan

Students should create a study plan keeping their strengths and weaknesses in mind. Studying for long hours may create monotony so that students can watch video lectures available online on various platforms. This plan should be well thought of, and students can take help of professional councillors available in JEE classes in Thane to make this plan effective and efficient.

Include breaks

This may sound like a waste of time, but breaks are important. Students must incorporate small breaks in their study plan as it will help their brain to relax and register information. But, these breaks should be short so that they don’t lose focus.

Practice set

Practice sets are essential to comprehend the exam. These sets will help students to understand the questions they will be facing and the difficulty level of it so that they can prepare well. Practising these sets will also help students to recognise their strengths and weaknesses. There are several practice sets available in the market, both online and offline. Practising these sets will also increase the computational ability of students, and it will save their time during the exam.

Mock test

These tests are crucial for students to crack an IIT-JEE exam. These tests are designed to create the atmosphere of an actual exam so that students can evaluate themselves. These tests are timed so students will face the pressure of the real exam. Through these tests, students can also understand how many questions they can successfully answer in the given time and what are the areas they can improve to crack this exam. Institutes providing IIT-JEE coaching in Thane can help students with this facility. 

Stick to the plan

Managing time in the exam hall is the key to success. So, students who aspire to be a part of the IITs must chalk out a time management plan. But if they don’t follow through with the plan, then it is of no use. It won’t be straightforward in the beginning, but once that phase is over, it will help students to prepare better. So, sticking to the plan is very important.

There is no doubt that IIT-JEE is a challenging exam, but if students can prepare themselves in advance, then it is not tough also. With 2020 IIT-JEE around the corner, students must take adequate measures to crack this exam. Registering for JEE classes in Thane can help students to prepare better and efficiently for this coveted exam.