Everything that one needs to know about EPSO and E-Trays

April 11, 2020

Want to work in a Europe union institution? Then EPSO will be a great option! The EPSO is in charge of handling endorsement in any of the European institutes. It has over 60,000-70,000 applications in just one year. How to get succeeded in getting over there?

Well, the first and foremost requirement is to pass out the EPSO examinations.

Something about the EPSO E-Tray exam

EPSO E-Tray exam is a kind of activityto stimulate the business inbox. It will make the candidates having experience of handling the usual tasks and different challenges right in the EU institutions.

The test will be taken in the second language that is English, French and German by answering a set of questions on the computer. The questions in the epso  etray exam will be designed to test the following four competencies.

  • Analysis and problem-solving.
  • Organization and prioritization.
  • Result and the quality of delivering.
  • Working with others.

Numbers of questions and the type of test will be announced on the EPSO website.Before getting initiated they will provide the candidates a fixed time to go through all the instructions.one has to rank the questions on the given scale-

  • — agree.
  • – disagree.
  • -+ neutral.
  • + agree.
  • ++ agree.

the answers will only be allowed if one has ranked all the three options.

They will give 15-20 questions with three options and these should be completed within 50 minutes. They will give 10-15 emails that have to be processed.

What will the EPSO E-Tray exam measure?

  • Developing and learning.
  • Resilience
  • Leadership
  • Working with other people.
  • Analysis and problem-solving.
  • Delivering quality and result.

How do they score for the EPSO E-Tray exam?

They will score each candidate according to the given competencies and the tasks. For each competency, they give 10 points.

Preparation for the EPSO E-Tray exam.

From 60,000-70,000 only 15,000-2,000 applicants are chosen and are recruited into different institutions of the EU. Here are a few tips that will help out candidates to pass out the etray exam –

  • Preparation- One has to sacrifice a lot of time to prepare for the E-Tray exam. Always be alert giving the practice tests and during the reviews.
  • Research- one needs to get to know of all the competencies and check out which one he/she has to develop and work on more.
  • Learn- everyday learning is very important. Try different methods, know all the basics and apply every shortcut and try to do the task. Every day one will learn and grow more.
  • Confidence-be confident enough in giving the E-Tray exam.

Bottom line 

These were all the things that one must know about the E-Tray exams.