Values and rules of life and life skills

November 20, 2019

Reason for living:

We live for ourselves and for the people whom we love and to find our things and have a hope to achieve it. We should know and think that for what purpose we are waking up every day. We should ask ourselves what is happening in your life and for our birth and living. The reasons for a living may vary with persons some may live for earning money, some for happiness and it goes on. we have a reason for living as to achieve something, to chase our dreams and desires, to make parents proud by our actions, to face all the challenges, to explore ourselves in this huge world and to know how worth our life is.

Happy life:

Happiness is one feel that fulfils our life and realizing that we enjoy our life. Sometimes we think that happiness is not for us we should remember that our happiness is within us. Personality is a part of happiness if a person is feeling inferior and hate himself then it means that cannot be happy and he is not trying and willing to be happy. We should know that happiness is up to us and we are responsible to make ourselves happy and there are certain life skills to make ourselves happy and satisfied. Happy people are healthier and comfortable in what they are doing, they are also successful and can lead to a better relationship.

Skills for healthy life:

The life skills are the abilities, behaviours that help us to face all the challenges and events that we overcome in our everyday life. The life skills education helps us to handle every situation and to identify the feelings and emotions to have easy interactions with the people. Some effective skills are as follows

  • Self-control and self-directing
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Making connections
  • Having a focus
  • Facing challenges
  • Overcoming failures
  • Decision making and problem-solving
  • Effective interpersonal relationship
  • Self-awareness and bold thinking

Rules for positive living:

You should have certain values and rules in our life to face the daily challenges and so you can maintain your character without any spoilage. There are certain rules to be followed to lead a happy and reasonable life. Don’t wish for the soon ending of life without facing any challenges and it is like driving a car without changing the gear and without placing a leg on the break. There should be any chasing and we should stop for failures and also we should re-drive our life to reach the destination. We should have some knowledge on value education and life skills to chase and reach our reasons for our birth. We may have discouraged and face downs but you should have the courage to face it, you should be confident that happiness is waiting for you.

Golden rules for happy and satisfied life:

Life is not about thinking about the past and worrying about the future. Life should be enjoyed at present without any worries and there are certain rules as

  • Don’t worry about uncontrollable things
  • The words told by the unwanted persons should not be taken seriously
  • Be happy with what you have