Getting Into an MBA Program: Can a Personal Coach Help?

September 26, 2020

People with impressive career goals are usually willing to do the hard work it takes to get them where they want to go. However, few people achieve greatness without the help of others who have gone before them. Getting an MBA degree from a top school is a good example. Future business leaders typically target the world’s best MBA programs and take every step necessary to qualify. However, even the most qualified candidates can be intimidated by elite colleges’ rigorous MBA admissions processes. With that in mind, many applicants now hire a Personal MBA Coach who can help clients negotiate the application process and improve their acceptance chances.

Experienced Advisors Coach Clients

Anyone considering an MBA coach should be aware that not all services are equal. Clients should evaluate several companies before choosing one. It is best to look for professionals who are graduates of the kinds of schools candidates’ target. For example, exceptional coaching services are staffed by graduates of colleges like MIT, Wharton, Dartmouth, and Yale. Coaches should also have experience with the MBA admissions process. Ideally, instructors have worked as interviewers for highly ranked colleges.

Coaches Offer Early Planning Strategies

The finest MBA coaches act as mentors who make sure clients plan and make smart decisions in the period before they apply for programs. Well-organized early planning strategies increase the likelihood of applicants getting scholarships. Early planning can include:

  • A thorough initial discussion regarding the applicant’s background, work experience, education, and extracurricular activities
  • Suggestions that help clients strengthen their profiles
  • A list of recommended target schools
  • A plan for the time between the start of coaching and the application year
  • Job advice as needed when clients’ circumstances alter

Tutoring Is Part of the Service

Coaching professionals offer clients the option to use professional tutoring services. Mentors help clients identify areas that need improvement and then schedule regular sessions designed to help them meet their goals. One huge advantage of personal MBA tutoring is that each coach’s only goal is their clients’ success. As a result, they offer exceptional support and customized plans.

Clients Can Prepare for Interviews

Acceptance into the world’s best business schools hinges on successful interviews. MBA coaches have the background to prepare clients for an interview they might encounter. Many coaches are familiar with a range of programs, and some have worked as admissions counselors. Mentors might also have histories with specific schools.

Coaches conduct interview prep that gives clients a feeling for what they will experience in the future. Mentors provide candidates with the types of questions their target school admissions staff will ask. Prep also teaches candidates the type of answers that institutions look for, and coaches show clients the best way to deliver replies. Mock interviews are always important, but doubly so for schools like Wharton, which conduct group interviews.

The best MBA programs in the world accept only a few new students each year, so many future applicants hire MBA coaches to help them prepare. Coaches ensure clients polish their profiles, make a step-by-step plan, and prepare for interviews. Coaching professionals also offer tutoring services.