How to provide first aid to victims of an accident

January 13, 2021

It is known that first aid in the event of a car accident in which they are injured can save someone’s life. There may be a car accident in front of your eyes. Read on to learn how you can effectively give first aid to victims before the ambulance arrives. You are required by law to provide first aid. And knowing that someone’s life can be saved. After completing erste hilfe kurs münchen ostbahnhof, you know what to do to help victims of a car accident.

Securing a car that has had an accident

  • Turn on your emergency lights immediately.
  • Expose a warning triangle or triangles (the setting distance should be adequate to the average braking distance), in unfavorable weather conditions, think about additional lighting.
  • In your car, apply the handbrake, then take the first aid kit, telephone, and possibly a fire extinguisher.
  • Before approaching the crashed vehicles, quickly assess the situation. Do not charge into a burning, explosive chemical, or fuel truck.
  • If you can get close – try turning off the engine, applying the handbrake.
  • Only now you can assess the general condition of the victims of the accident and take advantage of the skills learned in the erste hilfe ostbahnhof courses.

Pulling the accident victim out of the car

The crashed vehicle may be in danger of sliding off a slope, bridge, viaduct, or a fire break out. It is necessary, without waiting for professional help, to evacuate the injured immediately. You then have to assume that the injuries in an accident are almost always multi-organ. Therefore, when giving first aid gained in erste hilfe kurs für führerschein, be as careful as possible. Treat the injured as if he had a spine injury, especially in the cervical region. Therefore, while taking it out of the car, support its head with your hand.