Tourism Has An Integral Part In The Economic Development Of Singapore

October 1, 2019

Tourism plays an essential role in the economic development of a country. The beauty and appeal of the destination and competence and excellence of the hospitality and tourism industry allures visitors to that country. Hospitality and Tourism industry is creating wealth and job opportunities in Singapore. To be a part of this growing and exciting industry, you must Study Tourism in Singapore. The courses in Singapore pertains not only academic, sturdy understanding, and perception but also the practical skills to survive and grow in this vibrant industry. When you enroll in these courses, you get an industry-relevant certified degree, learning how to interact in a cosmopolitan society and getting firsthand experience in the vibrant service industry.

Wide Choice

You get market pertinent, and high-value Hospitality and Tourism courses start from diploma then advanced diploma, postgraduate and degree courses in Hospitality and Tourism management which are designed and collaborated with the UK and Australian universities. With academic activities, you also get the opportunity to involve yourself in social and sports events. Life is never lacking luster in the campus of these universities enriching your learning experience. Learning from the industry experience faculties is really an experience to remember. After the competition of a 1 or 2 years program, you get a chance of internship for six months in a distinguished hospitality group as a part of practical training and building skill.

Advanced Diploma

The advanced stage of diploma in Hospitality and Tourism management makes you aware of the current trend and development in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. This course gives you in-depth knowledge about the industry and ideal to brush up your professional competence and enhance your managerial skills to meet the challenges of the trade. You also gain understanding and awareness of legal, quality, and safety issues f the Hospitality and Tourism industry. You also come to know about the accounting and financial aspects of the Hospitality and Tourism industry. You will understand the importance of marketing in the context of this industry.

Tourist Information

In this modern world, tourist information is available both online and offline. On line information on websites highlights local attraction, tourist sites, etc. The offline information is provided by local guides, hotels, and literature provided by the tour operator. The course imparts you the knowledge of how to make the literature and content of the website more interesting and alluring. There are other industries directly or indirectly connected with tourism. Financial services provide many facilities like currency exchange and insurance coverage to visitors.