7 easy hacks for writing flawless anecdotes

February 21, 2021

You must have remembered how your grandparents used to share their life incidents with you when you were a child. How you use to laugh at your grandfather’s silly mistakes which you have never thought was a part of his life. How you have cherished your mother’s childhood incident of picking mango from a neighbour’s tree. Feeling nostalgic? Yes, anecdotes let us in the memory lane of those moments that we do not wish to forget. Just imagine if you have to write those moments as a part of your assignment? Isn’t it great? Before we begin to know the hacks for writing flawless anecdotes first let us understand what you mean by an anecdote.

What is an Anecdote?

An anecdote is an experience or real-life incident of a person shared in the form of a story. It can be interesting, amusing, or having deep thoughts and moral values. For example, if your grandfather is narrating an incident from his childhood days when he was scolded in class for coming late. Then this incident is called an anecdote which is shared with you in the form of a story.

Difference between anecdote and short story

An anecdote is a real incident but a short story is fiction or imagination. An anecdote has happened in a reality but the story is structured inside the mind of the author.

Example of anecdote 

When I was a child I used to bunk classes. It gets to the notice of my father and he beats me.

Here whatever happened is the reality.

Example of story

When I was a child I used to bunk classes. One fine day my father gets to know it. He comes to beat me but suddenly a shadow comes and holds his hands. The shadow was none other than the ghost of my mother.

Here the incident is an imaginary situation with characters that may or may not resemble real life.

How to begin

Make it relevant

Anecdotes are used to motivate or inspire others. People use an anecdote in a speech to make a point. Hence your anecdote must be relevant to the point that you are trying to persuade. Many incidents happened in a person’s life but not every incident is authentic to share in the form of anecdotes to others. For example, suppose you are giving a speech on “Women Empowerment” then you can quote an incident from your childhood that how your mother uses to handle personal and professional things perfectly. This kind of incident shares as an anecdote will be appropriate to convey your thoughts on the empowerment of women.

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Make it interesting

Your anecdote should be interesting so that it will attract the attention of the readers. If you are writing an anecdote for the students then it must contain elements that bind them to read your complete writing work. Your anecdote must be in a conversational tone. It will make the reader more interactive with your work. For example, suppose you are writing about love so you can include “Did you know I fell in love in my first year and till now I haven’t found someone like her”. This will make the readers nostalgic and they will start to remember their past days.

Conclude your anecdote

You must always conclude valuable points out of your anecdote. This means that if you are narrating an anecdote that means you want to draw a point from that. Thus you must clearly define what point you want to conclude from your anecdote. For example, if you are writing about “How education can shape your career”. You shared your experience in the following words, “I was an avid reader in my gradation days. I studied extensively hence I landed up a job in Microsoft.” So you all must understand the importance of education. If you are wasting time today, tomorrow you might pay for that. This is the right way to conclude an anecdote.

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