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How These Data Visualization Trends Will Impact The Industry In 2020

The year 2020 is almost here, and besides marking the beginning of a new decade, it is also generating an impact on data visualization. Large companies are coming up with innovative ideas and never-seen-before trends in the industry and here are the ones you need to look out for – 

Artificial intelligence 

The most popular technological advancement in recent years is the development of artificial intelligence. It is seen in almost every field and industry now. Data visualization plays a major role in business handling, and artificial intelligence can be a great help in doing so. AI-based data visualization is assisting businesses in assessing what content they should focus on. It can also help in avoiding a lot of substandard materials which can lead to problems later on. Machine learning can be combined with natural language processing and work can be taken in such a way that they function just like a human employee. Therefore, the load of the data visualization on the employees can be significantly reduced. Apply for tableau online training in hyderabad to learn more.

Data journaling 

Nowadays, a large amount of data can be accessed using the Internet. We are equipped with a variety of tools, like Tableau, for visualization and analysis of this data to use it as per our requirements. Media organizations are releasing multiple such visualizations in the field of news reporting. The number of editors and journalists in both print media as well as digital media are witnessing a rise as the reach of information is to be expanded. Innovations are formed in such a way that the readers can get the best of news without having to spend a lot of time. This technique not only summarizes the data but also saves time and effort of the reader. 

Texts and visualizing 

As per general notation, data visualization is limited to the representation of information in visual forms like geometric shapes and lines. However, a new trend is coming up where web designers are turning towards the use of plain text as visual data itself. The original source is directly used instead of filling it up with modifications. Hence, data can be presented without lowering its authenticity. 

Data accessibility

Information is collected by humans, from humans and for humans. It is meant to be spread and passed on to others. However, if the medium of communication is defective, there are high chances that the meaning of messages is not conveyed properly. In such a scenario, the focus should be on improving accessibility. In general terms, accessibility means making your communications available to even the remotest portion of the population. For example, if a chart shows the proportion of two different sets of data, a colour-blind person might not be able to understand it due to his imparity towards the set of colours used. Necessary steps should be undertaken so that your business is accessible to a larger audience. If you are passionate about this subject than you should admit at tableau training in bangalore

Multiple data visualization trends have made their mark in the industry. With the help of those features, your business can achieve new heights. For a proper understanding and insight into data trends training can be taken up from renowned centres like PST Analytics. They can help you in achieving expertise in this particular field which will prove to be extremely useful, both now and in the future. 

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