5 Steps You Should Take to Adapt the S100D Mandate

October 16, 2019

Your company may be like it can give you signals on what is coming around the corner, but it may make you feel unsure of where to begin. Here are the steps suggested by Sonovision your company should immediately take to stay one step ahead and be ready for the transition to the S1000D compliant data requirements.

  1. Don’t wait for it

The transition to the S1000D compliant data may take a while. The amount of time may differ between the companies on the basis of size, workforce skill set and approach. On the basis of the approach, the transition could take a year at least. The time to implement can be reduced a lot if a company outsources or supplements their S1000D authoring with the help of an experienced facilitator. But, it may also take a while to come up with a comprehensive plan and train your workforce accordingly. Nowadays, you got to be a mover and stay a step ahead to gain the best benefits.

  1. Assess your team

When you are a step ahead, it helps you determine where you stand. Begin by assessing your authors in S1000D concepts like reuse, applicability, and business rules modeling and adherence. By making sure that your team has the accurate skills in house and training to fill the gaps are important for successfully implementing the S1000D.

  1. Examine your processes carefully

Audit your authoring, editorial and publishing processes to check what degree your current processes legacy models of behavior. S1000D introduces freedom from a publication based approach to content delivery by focusing on the component content, reuse and dynamic publications. Have a look at your processes at the author, team and company levels to make sure that you are making the most of the S1000D features to make technical information more timely and relevant to your readers.

  1. Update your technology

Usually, the only aspect of this transition that has gained the most attention, technology is an essential trigger of S1000D adoption success. Selecting a platform that has a strong support for S1000D across the complete content lifecycle, at the moment of content authoring, review, approval, publication management and assembly and delivery to the end users is important.

  1. Work with a professional

When you work with an experienced service provider of S1000D authoring, it will reduce the common pitfalls and eliminate the time to use the S1000D offerings in your company. The teams will always help you transition or creating the S1000D compliant content.