3 Grammar Mistakes That Make Admissions Officers Cringe

October 17, 2019

Most times, you will have to ask yourself, how possible can I remove every error, go through every word and be sure to meet zero mistakes in the admission essay. Some mistakes are dangerous than others, so today we will be helping you by bringing together a list of grammar mistakes to avoid when writing. To also save yourself some stress, you check out on myadmissionsessay.com reliable, professional online writers to help you in your admission essay.

Spelling Issue

There are many little words which we use every day that most people mix up all the time because there sounds seems the same as ( two, to and too). This sometimes happens when you are typing fast or when typing a draft, but it is exactly the kind of errors that when admission officers read your admission letter, they might beat their head off.


This aspect confuses a lot of students; they don’t know when a word should be capitalized, and when it is not meant to. They have a lot of problems in capitalization when writing their essay. Here are three tips that can help you out.

Your major must be capitalized in 3 cases: a proper noun (like East Asain studies). The first word of a sentence must be capitalized. When referring to a name (Department of History),

It is when you refer to their full formal name of degrees that’s when you can capitalize it, like Bachelor of Science.

Punctuation Problems

Quotations, apostrophes and hyphens are the most used and very confusing punctuations that have their own rules so pay attention carefully.

Hyphens are the dash punctuation which helps you put two words into threads like (like-wise). When combining two words to get an adjective, they must be hyphenated when it is in front of the thing it is describing, not when at the back.

Apostrophes are mainly used to make contractions by putting two words and possessives. It shows or explains ownership. Don’t try to use it to make plurals because that’s not what it is used for.

Quotation marks are for designating quotes. Commas and periods should be inside quotation marks. For example: As Rihanna always says, “I slept late”. Also, question marks should be inside the mark, assuming the question is part of the quote and outside if it’s not. E.g. “Who said Rihanna isn’t beautiful”?