6 Important Math Chapters For Every Class 12th Student To Go Through

August 31, 2021

Math is a highly scoring subject that avails a stream of exciting chapters. These chapters help improve our mathematical skills and help us calculate seamlessly in our daily chores. Whether accounting for a business or estimating finances, these mathematical chapters provide all the assistance you need.

Almost every math chapter is essential in some way or another. But some chapters are especially crucial for each class 12th student. These may even have a valuable role to play in the board examinations. Relations and functions class 12 is one of them. So, it would help if you went through them comprehensively before you take the next step. 

Relations And Functions Class 12 

Relations and functions are two uncommon words with similar meanings. It is what showcases the relation between INPUT and OUTPUT. For example- , y = x + 3 and y = x2 – 1 are the functions. This is because every x-value creates a y-value. In this chapter, students are introduced to the different types of relations. Invertible functions are also taught to them for better knowledge in this chapter. The composition of two functions may also be a part of it. 

Inverse Trigonometric Functions 

While relations and functions class 12 is a significant chapter, inverse trigonometric functions are equally critical. This is also one of the top-scoring chapters in the syllabus regarded as valuable in the exams. In this chapter, students are exposed to the inverse trigonometric functions properties that are pretty easy to understand. However, students need to be attentive enough to understand the chapter properly. 

3-D Geometry 

Three-dimensional Geometry is an ace of all other mathematical chapters. It is a vast chapter with a versatile range of sub-headings in it. So, you are less likely to get bored when studying this one. The line equation, direction ratio, and direction cosines are the most critical sub-heads under this chapter. Equation of planes in standard form and coplanarity of lines are also a vital part of it. 


Probability is perhaps one of the chapters we have been learning for the longest time. It can help you with numerical descriptions of how likely an event is to occur in mathematics. It is accessible, understandable and high scoring. That is why most students prefer to focus on this one more than relations and functions in class 12. Students learn about binomial distribution, independent events and even Bayes’s theorem. Random variables and their probability distribution are also available for you to know. 

Linear Programming 

Linear programming includes linear programming problems and graphical solutions. This chapter might seem a bit tedious initially, but if you get the hang of it, you may find it simple in no time. 

Vector Algebra 

Scalar product of vectors, vector product of vectors and projection of vectors on a line are some of the essential sub-heads you will likely study under this chapter. Indeed, it is highly fascinating and scoring for most class 12 students. 


You can study all these math chapters comprehensively and score well in exams with a potential tutor at hand. So search for one right away.