Tips To Get Your Hang On Physics Exam This Year

July 23, 2021

Physics is a dicey subject for most people. Calculations with numbers, alphabets, a combination of both and other symbols, can feel a bit confusing. Derivatives are specifically otherworldly. Sometimes you get the derivatives right but the calculations turn out to be a mishap. And sometimes you have the calculations right, but the complicated sums went haywire because you didn’t have your derivatives learned. There are many reasons why physics is a difficult subject. Physics is also equally important & interesting to learn. Let’s dive into a few tips to study physics effectively and smartly.

  • Make a glossary:

List down the basics to advance concepts. Theories running from kinetic energy, inertia to complex topics like centrifugal force, quantum mechanics etc. can be jotted down in the form of a glossary. This helps a learner get familiar with concepts individually even before applying them practically.

  • Doubt-solving app:

Today you have doubt-solving apps like Kunduz, Doubtnut, Vedantu etc. that help students learn effortlessly. Students sometimes don’t get time during their live classes to present their doubts. Or at times students feel shy in asking their doubts & questions. Hence aforementioned apps help students gain a strong base and industrial insights into the subject in practice.

  • Diagrams:

Physics is a huge picture in and out of a figure. For example, an atom has physics revolving around it outside and has a whole other physics inside it. So it’s highly advisable to draw out the snap of your understanding of the concepts. A tip here is learning the concepts and drawing to learn the concepts and draw your diagrams even before looking at the text or video graphs and illustrations.

  • Flashcards & short notes:

Jot down the formulas, numbers and laws that you are bound to forget. Stick them everywhere around. On the refrigerator, your workspace, your textbooks etc. Make sure you grasp a photographic memory for the same. Here’s a trick you can use to crack your physics ICSE board exam. Make flashcards! You know the drill, run it

  • Extensive notes:

Notes are classic methodology everyone is familiar with and is suggested to. It seems boring but it sure is the classic way to get your physics right. It’s a good habit to write down notes from day one. Self notes help you learn your concepts your way. Other than this, there are notes online for physics for various boards too. You can fetch notes from ICSE, CBSE board etc.

  • Referring to previous & last years paper

This is a quick hack to get your revision done. Not only will you get a hang of the paper pattern but also you will get an idea about what concepts were majorly focused on over the years. Students also get the hang of the types of questions that are being asked.

Last but not least, Physics sure is difficult but there is always a way to get to its core. The aforementioned tips should help you in this regard.