3 Benefits of WPS Online Evaluations

July 8, 2020

Many children struggle with developmental delays and early intervention is critical for helping them catch up to their peers. The initial assessment can be lengthy and tedious for administrators, but it is important for an accurate diagnosis, which allows the child to receive the right therapies. WPS offers a variety of services intended to streamline the evaluation process and help therapists and teachers perform an accurate assessment of the child’s delays so they can create a customized treatment plan that will allow the child to thrive. Here are three reasons to implement WPS online testing evaluations into the assessment process.

Easy Registration

As experts in speech and language, WPS strives to make the evaluation process easier for clinicians who work with children who have developmental delays. To start, clinicians just have to create an account with WPS. They can then create as many clients as necessary and keep track of them in one convenient place. You can create a new client at any time by recording his or her name, gender and birthday and then saving the information.

Not only does this process help clinicians move all of their files online and keep digital copies safe, but it keeps client information in one easy place. Instead of having to sift through multiple files to find necessary information, therapists can click on the client’s file online and have easy access to the evaluation they seek.

Various Tests Available

There are many reasons for developmental delays in children. No two children are the same, just as no two delays are identical, so having access to a variety of tests is critical. Certain children require speech evaluations, while others need language assessments. Others need separate fine and gross motor assessments. Many kids need a combination of several evaluations. To meet this need, WPS offers several online evaluations for clinicians to choose from. Instead of having to keep track of multiple evaluations, clinicians can use the WPS platform to choose each evaluation that a specific child needs.

For example, clinicians can choose a speech evaluation for some children and then use a fine motor skills assessment to form a comprehensive evaluation of the child’s delays. This access to multiple evaluation forms makes it easier for clinicians to gain a complete understanding of the child’s strengths and weaknesses so they can create an intervention plan that meets the child’s needs.

Convenient Report Options

Once a form has been submitted and scored by the administrator, there are several options available. The WPS platform allows for rater comparison so administrators can see how experts in school and clinical psychology score the child in comparison to how parents evaluate him or her. The program also allows administrators to repeat tests over a period of time so they can monitor the child’s progress.

These convenient report options make it easier for administrators to understand the child. A one-time report may not be entirely accurate as the child could be having an off day. The comparison feature allows administrators to gain insight into what the parents see daily while progress report allows them to see how much the child has improved. This makes it easier to develop the best intervention plan possible.

The WPS Online Evaluation System features several popular assessments. View a demo video to get started!