A Day in the Life of a Process Technician

August 23, 2020

After attaining a process technology certification, process technicians are employed in several industries, including the manufacturing industry. They are liable for monitoring and improving the engineering and manufacturing processes, although their duties will vary by industry and company. For instance, even though they may monitor the machinery in a process, the specific machinery can differ depending on the employer.

While some employers prefer candidates with an Associate’s degree, some will hire those with just a high school diploma. Most of the education needed for the job will be provided by on-the-job training.

 the Duties and Responsibilities of a Process Technician?  

Once a process technician obtains a process technology certification, his or her duties rotate around quality in the manufacturing process. Here are some responsibilities a technician will encounter during a day on the job:

  • Monitor and regulate the equipment parameters: Process technicians need to be aware of the correct settings for every piece of equipment and are responsible for adjusting the machinery as needed.
  • Keep things and workplace clean: An essential part of the job as a process technician is to keep equipment and the adjacent areas clean. Depending on the type of manufacturing, the work area might require to remain sterile.
  • Test the product quality: the technicians test the quality of every batch of products that are created. They will also maintain a test log while following the company’s quality assurance processes.
  • Maintain equipment logbooks: One of the critical responsibilities of the process technician is to keep maintenance logbooks for each equipment.
  • Inform the supervisor of equipment malfunctions: Whenever process technicians detect a machinery malfunction, they must give the supervisor a detailed report to provide sufficient information to find a solution.

Crucial Skills that Employers Look for When Hiring Process Technicians

process technology certification equips an ideal process technician with a combination of soft and technical skills. Monitoring and adjusting a manufacturing company’s processes call for an analytical thinker who pays attention to crucial details. Someone who will follow stringent standard operating procedures will add value to the organization.

Here is a list of the skills employers value when hiring a process technician:

  • Organizational skills to keep all of the equipment and quality testing logbooks in order.
  • Analytical skills when performing quality control tests.
  • Proficiency in specific machinery so they know when there are issues with the company’s equipment.
  • Observational skills to notice when equipment is not functioning correctly.
  • Linear thinking skills to understand how all the steps of a process are related to each other.

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