How You Can Survive Junior College: Tips and Tricks

May 8, 2023

It is not easy to survive junior college in Singapore due to the need to adapt to a whole new range of topics, teaching techniques, and a busy school schedule.

But it’s not impossible.

The following advice will assist new Junior College students in surviving the two-year roller coaster trip.

1. Make Friends with your Professors

At junior college, the connection between teachers and students is distinct and more easygoing. Most students now view their instructors as life mentors, as they are a vital resource for academic and real-world help.

Becoming acquainted with your professors enables you to contact them readily for clarification on academic topics or assistance in detecting problem areas.

2. Do Not be Overly Critical of Yourself

Transitioning from high school to junior college is likely the most important academic leap Singaporean students will ever undertake. The change in difficulty and tempo is so obvious that it would be shocking if you did not struggle!

Let yourself relax. Try not to experience too much stress. Indeed, it’s a crucial period in your life, and you’ll want the top possible grades. But, accept that you will not be able to do so immediately.

Remember that junior college is your one opportunity to catch up before things become much more challenging in subsequent years.

Use this time to acclimatise to a whole new educational environment.

3. Register for Stuff

If they want to participate, most schools offer regular activities and events that may keep children occupied year-round.

While your studies should still consume most of your time, it’s also not a bad idea to focus on something outside of school. Hence, you may detach yourself from your thoughts without actually leaving school.

In addition, getting actively involved in your school’s activities allows you to express yourself and de-stress.

In addition, it is a terrific method to meet friends and network, which might be invaluable to your profession in the future.

4. Request Assistance From Your Seniors

Everyone at junior college is having a difficult time, regardless of how easy some may appear to have it. Yet, this does not imply that your seniors have no time to assist junior college freshmen.

5. Get Tuition

In particular, physics tuition for JC can be especially useful. Most teachers know that you are still adjusting to the advanced level of junior college instruction, and they may assist in making the adjustment smoother. In addition, this is the period when correct and effective study habits come in helpful, something that most tutoring centres will focus on initially teaching you.

Remember to enrol in physics tutoring before the beginning of the school year, or at least during the grading period, and not in the weeks preceding your exams.

Junior college may be difficult, but it is possible to succeed, especially if you follow the advice presented.