Importance Of Learning Shapes And Colours For Kids

October 8, 2019

Have you ever wondered why parents and teachers put more emphasis on teaching shapes and colours to children? Why do they have to focus on shapes and colours rather than numbers and letters? 

Today we will be explaining why kids learn colours

Shapes And Colours Are Foundational Skills For Kids

Today, our world is made up of shapes and colours which is exactly what we see around us every day. A building has its own shape, different from the shape of a tree, which also has a different shape from a banana or person. Flowers, street light, cars and every other thing around us comes in different colours.

Shapes and colours are ways we categorize and describe our world. Kids will be aware that yellow book differs from a red book and that a round slice bread differs from a square bread.

Verbal Communication

When you teach children about shapes and colours, it gives them a vocabulary for describing other things they see or things around them.

Classifying And Sorting

As children start to learn how to identify shapes and colours, they will have the ability to classify and sort objects around them based on these attributes.

Safety And Health

Most of times, colours give the information we need about safety and health. For example, red is used to indicate stop or danger, also there are red stop signs and red stoplights. Assuming a person has a blue mark on his skin, it simply that the person has suffered a bruise, also if your skin colour turns to red, it may mean that the person has spent to much time under the sun.

Letters And Numbers

Written symbols used for numbers and letters are just shapes. As kids develop proficiency at learning shapes like circles and squares, they are equally developing the skills to distinguish between G and E or Q and Z.