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Teaching Is A Stressful Profession: The Causes And How To Combat It

While the sources of stress are many, some of the primary causes include insufficient salary; unclear job expectations; complying with new initiatives without being given sufficient training or instruction about how to do so; and the often-negative way that teachers and other school employees are portrayed in the media. Like everyone else, teachers are also susceptible to mental health issues. About one in five teachers has a mental condition that has lasted for at least a year or will last more than a year.

How does this stress affect teachers? Many educators may have symptoms including fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, irritability, frequent aches and pains, and difficulty focusing. While this news is sobering, fortunately there are numerous ways that teachers can help combat stress in their professions.

For more information about this common issue among teachers and how they can help manage it, check out the accompanying resource.

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