December 12, 2019

There are a wide number of colleges for engineering in USA. A large number of students prefer to go abroad and study in USA to do their engineering course. That being said, those who wish to apply to engineering colleges in USA would want to apply only to the best of the best.

Here are the top 10 engineering colleges in USA:


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology or popular referred to as MIT is the top most engineering college to study in USA. With close to 20 different research centres on the campus of the college, MIT ventures into various questions relating to ocean engineering, cancer treatment and even nanotechnologies. Over 20% of the students at MIT are devoted to the course of engineering and students from all across the globe seek for an opportunity to study in this prestigious institute under the guidance of the esteemed and highly qualified faculty.
  • Stanford University
    Coming in second is Stanford University. With an application fee of 125 US dollars for both USA residents and international students, SU has an annual tuition of 54,015 US dollars. Having a PhDstudent-faculty ration of 7:4:1, Stanford University holds its prestigious rank of being the second-bestamong all the engineering colleges in USA.
  • University of California, Berkley (UCB)
    Students can apply to UCB for a two-year course to earn a master’s in engineering.Students, both resident and international, get the best guidance form the qualified faculty and also can get involved in one or more of the 40 different research centres and institutes.
  • Carnegie Mellon University
    Having a PhD student-faculty ratio of 4:6:1, the Carnegie Mellon University has under its employment 285 full-time staff faculty at itsdisposal. Students get a portion to choose from 10 different interdisciplinary majors to choose from,and engineering students can also pursue a course or research-basedmaster’s degree and PhD programs that are available at most departments.
  • California Institute of Technology
    The California Institute of Technology or more commonly known as Caltech has a division for the student graduates for Applied Science and Engineering as well as a completely separate program for chemical engineering.A student who applies to Caltech can earn a special engineer’s degree in 2 years in the subjects of mechanical, electrical, civil or aeronautical engineering with an application fee of 100 USD for both native residents and international students.
  • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
    The University of Michigan has multiple curriculums for engineering master’s like interdisciplinary and doctoral programs and provide the students with an emphasis on project-based learning and understanding. Students at the university get to present their research and projects and get professional advice from featured speakers and trained and experienced advisors.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
    The Georgia Institute of Technology has close to over 20 different specialisation areas for the students to indulge in.From medical physics to aerospace engineering, students can opt for theirparticular specialisation even in areas such as biomedical engineering and industrial engineering,which are some of the aspects that are held in high regard.
  • Purdue University- West Lafayette
    Locate in West Lafayette, Purdue University has a PhD student-faculty ratio of 5:4:1. Having an extremely low application fee; 60USD for residents who study in USA and 75USD for international students, Purdue University is one of the best engineering colleges in USA to consider when looking for options for higher studies.
  • University of Southern California (Viterbi)
    When considering engineering colleges in USA, the University of Southern California is a must-have on the list. With over 180 full-time faculty members and some of the best research facility and infrastructure, it serves as a great choice when it comes to pursuing engineering.
  • University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign
    Last but not the least is the University of Illinois. With a mere 70 USD application fee for US residents and 90 USD for international students, the full-time tuition fee sits at 18,256 USD for those in-state and 34,330 USD each year for those who are out-state students.


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