What makes the Best Private School Perfect

December 23, 2019


The location of the center is also important when choosing a school, but it should not be decisive. One of the advantages of living near the school is the fact that the student is very likely to strengthen relationships with other students who live in the surroundings, which will help to have more contact facilities outside of school hours.

The Technological Options

With regard to the center itself, we have to look at the technological means available to them when it comes to teaching their teaching such as the use of computers and electronic whiteboards with which the child will begin to get familiar and that will help him adapt to an increasingly computerized future. Likewise, it is relevant to know if, in addition to being a bilingual center, you can offer languages ​​other than English or Spanish, such as French, German, Italian, Chinese or Arabic.

  • In this sense, we must verify that among its dishes are those basic ingredients for their healthy development. In this way, dairy products such as milk, cheese or yogurt should be included, which should be included every day in your diet. Equally important are meat products such as cold cuts, eggs and fish that provide phosphorus, iron and vitamin B12. In these cases, the ideal would be three servings of meat, four of fish and four eggs a week. Equally interesting are farinaceans such as cereals and legumes with 4 to 6 servings a day, vegetables and four servings a day, as well as fruits. Fats must also be present, because they provide an interesting source of energy, but their consumption must be controlled.

With regard to extracurricular activities, this type of tasks that the center can offer would range from classic sports such as football or basketball to less common ones such as martial arts such as Aikido and Tai Chi. Nor can we discard piano, guitar, song or percussion classes, as well as the theater where they learn body expression. The coach phenomenon has also reached many centers and it would be interesting to take it into account to enhance our child’s abilities. With the smart choices of the private schools, you can go for the Fessenden School.

The choice of center

Regarding the choice of the center, we have to take into account a series of issues such as, for example, the type of school to which we refer. In this sense, we can highlight the following modalities:

Private schools: in this case, whose access is free and in which compulsory education is provided (Pre-school education, primary education and ESO), the number of students per classroom is usually lower than in private or private schools, as they must adhere to the provisions. When you know about the events of the private schools, then you can have a look at the Fessenden School Twitter.

To apply for a place, it is necessary to comply with the criteria set by the Administration such as, for example, proximity to the home or place of work, level of income of the parents, students enrolled, and situation of large family. The public school is secular, so parents can decide if they want their children to have the subject of religion.