Google Duo – Android and TV Video Call app

June 17, 2021

Want to see your loved ones regardless of where they are? Then it is easy. Take a video call. You will never be going to miss any of your loved ones. Can keep in touch with them in a very lovely manner thanks to these videos calling app. Do you have a video calling app? Or are you using WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype or such services? Can you experience an uninterrupted and high-quality video calls with the video call app you have? If your answer is No, then friends try this nice video calling app on your Android now. Google Duo. Just same as WhatsApp, Skype and Facetime.

As already stated, this is a nice app you can use to take your video calls very easily. Not only video calls you also can take audio calls if you want. The app is very easy to use and very comfortable. This app is free and available from any of the App Store now. You can have this on any of your Android devices and can have access through the web also. The user interface of the app is very simple, reliable and is minimalistic in nature. No much more complications here. Very easy to follow the app. You can take video calls to anyone who is there in your contact list. The app needs your permission to have access to your contact list to perform.

Now you can take video calls using your TV. Support all most all Android TV boxes, Google TV and Fire TV devices. Install and enjoy video calls on bigger screen. You can use your TV store to install Google Duo. If not, you can use other TV app stores like Filelinked, Aptoide TV and etc. In order to get latest Filelinked codes for Google Duo, you have to check Facebook groups, YouTube and forums.

Features of Google Duo

One of the outstanding features related to the app is that this allows you to take video calls not only for the other Androids but you can ring for the iOS devices also. Because of this features the app is becoming more popular among most of the Android users now. 

The quality of the videos is also high. You can have a realistic view of your loved ones or the places through the app. Can use your rare and the front cameras both.

The family mode helps you to chat with all your family members at once. moreover, you can take group video calls up to 32 people now. With these features you never be going to miss any of your loved ones thanks to this. when you joined to a group call other can know that you have joined as well.

This lets you to record the call or if you want you can take some snapshots of some precious moments while still you are in the call. You can see who is calling you before answering it. But the other party cannot see you unless you answer the call. So, can know who is calling you before answering if it not a saved number.

Download Google Duo

This is a cool app with lots of benefits. So, it is earnest to try on your Androids too. Go to Google play store and search “Google Duo”. You will be able to see this application on search results. Select it and install. It is the easiest and safest way to install this application.

If your Android device does not have play store application, you can use play store alternatives like ac market, aptoide and more.

Why alternative app stores like ac market are so popular among Android users? It is because many Android apps and games constantly removed from play store due to certain reasons like Clean Master. Some apps and games are not available on certain regions. So, people tend to use play store alternatives to install any app or game they like without any restriction. You can download clean master using acmarket without any restriction or issue for free.