Writing Problems and Solutions

August 26, 2020


In various types of report writing, the dissertation is to expose the front and center in one front. Author Derek Souls writes about how the dissertation statement during the problem-solving paper differs from the straightforward “results report” of different texts. The exposed model is a problem-solving article, topics that are usually made up of different questions. Why did fourth-graders from poorer families underperform nationwide math, and how would math education improve for this group? Why is Iran a threat to our national security, and how do we deal with it? Why did the Democratic Party need so much time to choose a candidate for the 2008 presidential election, and what will the party do to create more economic mechanisms in the future? These articles have two parts: a full explanation of the role of the issue, followed by an analysis of the solutions and their chances of success. “

In the problem-solving article, the thesis statement sometimes suggests an answer. As readers should understand this issue first, the thesis statement sometimes becomes an outline of the issue. The thesis statement does not need to be simplified about the answer. Instead, it summarizes the answer. It is also important that it takes you naturally to the body of the article, and prepare your readers for the discussion that your resolution will work.

Sample introduction

It is useful to review the complete examples before writing. What is made Note, however, that these introductions offer some context before introducing the subject and naturally take the body paragraph wherever the evidence is. You will imagine but the author has arranged the rest of the piece.

We buried our relationship last summer. He was thirty-two years old when he hung himself from a closet coat rack in the world of alcohol, a fourth of my blood relatives died prematurely from this deadly disease. If the United States issued a drinking license, four people, including my father, who died of liver failure at the age of 54, would probably be alive these days. “

(Mike Break, “Need: Drinking License.” Newsweek, March 13, 1994)

“The United States is overworked. A lot of people are too busy, trying to squeeze in too much of the day while there is little to point out. Although our growing time lag is usually private. It is described as a problem, but the reality is that it is a serious social problem that has reached the point of crisis in the last twenty years. “


In “References: An Author .F Guide”, the method of sorting the problem-solving papers is explained. Introduction: Set the case during the shell. Make a point of why this is often confusing, and mention who should worry about it. Issue paragraph: Make a case for this issue clearly and specifically. Demonstrate that this is often not just a private complaint, but a real shortcoming that affects a lot of people.

“Solution paragraph (https://myadmissionsessay.com/): Provide a solid resolution to the issue, and sue for it because it is the most effective. You may want to point out why an alternative possible solution is inferior to yours.